Sounds of orgasms to re-enchant our streets

I really like the radio, it is no secret. The sounds too, by the way. The mystery of the voice, the pleasure that passes through the sense of hearing… I always thought that dubbed porn didn’t deserve to be seen as they are painful to hear… So when “ Hear I Come“, Orgasmic sound creation by Baptiste marie, reached my ears, I wanted to know more about its creator and his pleasurable intentions. And I who love puns, the subtle mix between “Here I come” and “Hear me come” (“Hear me enjoy”) only invited more discovery.

This exchange began a few weeks ago, and continued after the attacks on Friday. While we need positive energy, solar joy more than ever and to bring joy to a Paris that has cried too much, I find that this exchange is topical. So a tip: put on a headset, click play, and let yourself go while reading …

“Hear I come! »Is not my business card, but rather a personal project that I particularly want to bring to everyone’s ears. In my sound creation projects, whether they are reflected on the scale of an Internet radio station, such as my collaboration with Le Frigo (my program ” The Sound Of … »For example), or they are more personal projects that I mature and germinate on my own, I often find myself disseminating them, presenting them to the ears of a well-defined group, of people accustomed to my work, of radio creation. Let’s say that this is a bit the peculiarity of sound creation: it often only reaches the ears of people who will take the step of going to listen to it, and does not benefit from a wider exposure as can be done. proof of contemporary visual or video creation. My approach with this project was to try to reach as many ears as possible, to show that pleasure could be brought to everyone’s ears, that it could resonate in any space, be both multiple and understandable by everyone. And it is in this desire that I made it if not a temporary business card, a sound act that I went to defend on several fronts.

You said to have launched this project one evening of political depression. Your first idea of ​​political action, was it the noise of sex in the street? This would tend to prove that sex is very political …

I persist in saying that my first desire was to resonate with pleasure in the streets and not to display sexualities charged with their own political demands. Faced with the austerity of a political situation, faced with the harshness of certain party positions, faced with the retrograde and nauseating puritanism of certain demands, I wanted to say: “stop, the sexual question is above all that of the demand. pleasure, of its own pleasure, before being a question of gender, sexual orientation, etc. Then it is obviously about a political act which proposes to the sexuality to reintegrate the street, the daily newspaper through a medium other than that of the words, via the sounds. A sound is at the same time less demanding, less judge, less one-sided than a word, but it is also more invasive and more intimate because it is more sensory. We can disagree with a word, can we agree with a sound? We can turn our heads away from a word, can we do it with a sound?

You also say “I didn’t want to talk about sexuality”. Yet even without words, your recording makes it talk.

“Hear I come! Is intrinsically about sexuality yes, but not so directly I think. By going to record men and women in their sexual pleasure, it is difficult not to talk about sexuality and gender. Yet the recordings are centered around the pleasure these people take, and never the way they take it or their gender, their identity. Likewise, we never hear two people having pleasure at the same time, they sometimes follow one another in a very rhythmic way, other times in a more languid way. Let’s say that it seemed important to me to do something that departs the furthest from the codes of sexuality so that everyone can find themselves in something much simpler than pleasure. And I think I got there my way. Most people who have told me about their reaction to listening to “Hear I come!” Previously thought to be embarrassed by the implicit sexuality of the project, but finally found themselves charmed by the softness of its composition centered around pleasure.

Are these just solo sex tapes, or have there been relationship tapes? Do you know more about what happened at the time of the recordings?

Each recording is centered around a single person having fun. The way in which people take pleasure on the other hand sometimes calls on another partner … There have been, let’s say it more directly, two scenarios: a person agreeing to masturbate in front of a microphone or a person agreeing to get caught in the hand / in the mouth in the same situation. In each case, the microphone was centered on the voice of the person, and if a person accompanied him in his pleasure, he had to be as discreet as possible. Because I took the time to talk about it with each of the participants, I know in which of these two situations they chose to register. And I wouldn’t say more …

Did you carry out your plan of wild dissemination in the street? What were the reactions of passers-by? Did you observe discreetly or display yourself?

The wild broadcasts in the street are still in preparation. Not only do I have to bring together a group of people who want to accompany me in these wanderings, but also that I develop a discreet and portable sound diffusion device. I don’t intend to show myself off, but I don’t want to fool passersby by hiding either. For the moment I am studying the idea of ​​choosing a place of creation as the starting point for my wanderings. I have always appreciated the steps taken to bring creations out of a frozen exhibition space that is the museum. I am also thinking about the idea of ​​investing in elevators, replacing music, to support the privacy of those who get into them.

You had listened to other references of sounds of orgasms in music (I think of « Love on the beat » from Gainsbourg or « Rocket Queen » from Guns n’Roses) or were you a total virgin?

Who does not have these references in mind with a minimum of sensitivity and musical culture? I can also direct you to Lovage, an album from elsewhere whose cover refers to Gainsbourg, and whose voices by Jennifer Charles et Mike Patton happy with sexual adventures on sometimes very suggestive sounds … But the idea here was to take a musical format / duration and to use the voices as musical textures (melodic and rhythmic), never to accompany them with other musical instruments, they have always been sufficient on their own.

I come back to your answer on political sex because it surprises me. If your initial desire was to make pleasure resonate in the streets in the face of an austerity of political ideas of the moment, is it that sexual pleasure remains an eminently political subject and that your first idea was too?

Absolutely, I completely agree: sex is an inconvenient political subject and that is why I am interested in it too. I was simply specifying that my gesture was first of all a questioning of pleasure as such and less of relationships, types of sexuality, etc. A political message that would say: let’s not forget the pleasure in the sexual question!

Besides, I am wondering about the potential illegality of your performance. Would it be a pornographic act? We first think of films, but French law condemns pornography when it is broadcast in a setting that does not protect children from receiving it. But the law never defines what is pornographic or not. What moreover made it possible to condemn a shop of sex-toys which had put in window vibrators in a radius of less than 200m of a school …

My performance is already illegal in the sense that I do not want to ask for legal authorization to broadcast in the street. It is in this sense that I speak of “wild” diffusion. Obviously with such a subject, I expose myself directly to prosecution for disturbance of public order or violation of morals, I am fully aware of it. But on the other hand, I defend myself against any “pornographic” qualification of my work. If pornography is an obscene representation, as its definition tends to qualify it, I don’t think “Hear I come! ” is the. By choosing to only listen to voices (and not sexual acts), by avoiding all harsh words, by focusing listening on pleasure, I am moving away from a pornographic act. Just as it is impossible to prove the identity of the participants (there is no notion of identity in the sound, as there is in the image), it is impossible to prove that it is a sexual representation. When we extract the title, could it not be people reacting to a very good brownie, a sensational film or some other strong intimate emotion? To stir up trouble, I even intended at one point to integrate karateka cries into the sounds of pleasure. Don’t they also resemble sounds of pleasure in their character and in their release of energy? As for the issue of dissemination close to sensitive places such as a school, I do not intend to target these places, nor to avoid them for all that. Wouldn’t a child be able to listen to pleasure? I think it is much more harmful for him to watch NRJ12 for example…

However, the legal problem is that it is not your conception of pornography that is taken into account, but that of our society or of those who will receive your work. Indeed pornography can be defined as a shock to decency, a notion that will be relative to everyone. And if the attack on “good morals” has been removed from French law, it has nonetheless been replaced by another moralizing alibi, that of the protection of children.

I fully understand what you are saying about pornography, let’s say that I was arguing to maintain the debate… Indeed I will certainly have to rub shoulders with people who are more moralizing than me. Let’s say this is an aspect of the project that I accepted from the start. I accepted it and I would even say more, it interests me for once to face a project that will not be so easy to defend, because I am more used to sound creations listened to by a population accustomed to music. free sound creation.

After the terrorist attacks on Friday, what happens to the “Hear I Come” message?

I would like to say that things have not changed since this Friday the 13th, because it is this message of return to life that should be conveyed. But they have inevitably changed something in us. It seems to me all the more urgent to hold high all the libertarian values, all these values ​​that were targeted on Friday, this festivity, the desire to go out and find ourselves whatever our beliefs, without division, to go listening to music in our favorite concert halls, seeing sporting events together,… It is this overflowing life, that we cannot frame, that we must continue to carry high and precisely in the street. To continue to create and to go and distribute these creations in the street, to give pleasure, to orgasm, is more urgent than ever. If sex and rock music place us as a “capital […] perversion ”, we must then redouble free sexual expression and rock! “Hear I come! »Must resonate in the middle of the street, I am more convinced of this than ever.

Indeed… Good morals no longer exist in law, but the protection of children has replaced it. And the fascists of the Islamic State find to whom to speak with our local fascists, on the same wavelength as for our “perversity” which would be to eradicate.

So let’s be perverted, let’s cum in the street?

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Sounds of orgasms to re-enchant our streets

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