Soccer players and sexual harassment: The Rubén Rochina case from Granada, takes them out of the closet

The Granada Club de Fútbol midfielder, Rubén Rochina, has been accused, along with a friend of his, of sexual assault for what happened with a young woman at a party at the house of some Levante UD teammates. Many soccer players have been singled out for assaults, sexual abuse and rape. ‘’ reviews the most outstanding names: Santi Mina, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robinho, Neymar Jr. and Muniain, among others.

The Granada CF footballer Ruben Rochina is being investigated by a crime of sexual abuse. The alleged events occurred in the early hours of May 2, 2021 in Bétera, during a party at the soccer player’s house. Arepartner of the accused in Levante Unión Deportiva.

According to the alleged victim, she was unconscious due to alcohol consumptiona state that prevented him from giving consent to the soccer player to have sexual relations.

Days after the night of May 2, the young woman went to the Civil Guard barracks in the Valencian town of Bétera to report a friend of Rochina, since a friend confessed that she had caught this individual with his underpants down along with to the victim, who was semi-conscious in bed, shortly after the footballer left the bedroom.

Nevertheless, in this complaint he only accused this young man, without incriminating Rochina in any way, according to the victim, for having received pressure from the footballer and his environment. The current Granada player sent him several messages asking him not to get involved as he would do a lot of damage to his wife and his son.

Arethe player who owns the house, also tried to convince her not to report him (Rochina) alleging that he was going to ruin his sports career. Despite this, the victim, who could not erase the events from her head, needed psychological assistance and after asking family and friends for advice, five months later, she went to court to expand the first complaint and also accuse Rochina. denouncing that at no time did he consent to sexual intercourse that the footballer has recognized that he kept with her.

In a telephone conversation between a friend of the victim and Rochina, which was recorded, The soccer player admits that he had sexual relations with the complainanteven ejaculating on her even though she was very drunk.

In addition, the victim’s friend, in her statement before the judge, reported that she found traces of semen on her friend’s belly when she found her in a semi-conscious state in bed next to the other man under investigation.

Rochina denies the facts

The version that the former Levante player maintains about what happened a year ago is clear. In his statement before the judge of First Instance and Investigation number five of Llíria, he explained that: “She was conscious at all times” while they had “consensual sexual relations” and the girl did not verbalize in any way that she was sick or to stop.

In his court statement, he recounts that on the night of May 1, 2021, he was “fooling around” with this young woman, his own age and whom he has known for a decade, and that little by little “the fooling around got worse” coming to kiss in front of those present at the party.

Ruben Rochena.

The footballer also acknowledges that both had drunkbut denies that the complainant was in poor condition and that this was the reason why they went up to the room, a version maintained by both the victim and her friend.

After the judge took statements from both the victim and the two men under investigation, the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV) has confirmed that the case remains open “for an alleged crime of sexual abuse, without prejudice to further qualification”.

Many soccer players have been singled out for assaults, sexual abuse and rape. ‘’ reviews the most prominent names: Santi Mina, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robinho, Neymar Jr. and Muniain, among others.

The case of Santi Mina

Celta de Vigo striker Santi Mina, has been involved in a serious accusation that led him on March 28 to sit on the bench of the Almería Palace of Justice. The 26-year-old footballer is accused of sexual assaultlike his colleague David Goldarfrom the Unión Deportiva Ibiza, with whom he was when everything happened.

The trial began after almost five years, since the reported events occurred during the early hours of June 16, 2017. According to the text of the Prosecutor’s Office, the soccer player was with his friend, Goldar, in the town of Mojácar, in Almería. The Ibiza player had gone with a woman to the caravan that they had parked next to the nightclub where they were, and Mina decided to enter “completely naked” while her friend and the woman had sex “to satisfy your sexual appetite.”

Soccer players and sexual harassment The Ruben Rochina case from

Santi Mina (left) and David Goldar (right).

According to what was reported, the woman automatically sat on the bed and covered her nakedness, waiting for the last one to arrive to leave. However, and very far from leaving, according to the document, Santi Mina told her: “Look, girl, I like you a lot and i think we should do something”. The young woman replied that who she wanted to be with was Goldar, and Mina momentarily left the room to access again a minute later and “he inserted his erect and naked penis into her mouth without asking”. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the woman pushed the Celta striker to get away, but he did the same, he grabbed her right arm tightly and inserted three fingers into her vagina.

In the text of the Prosecutor’s Office it is stated that the young woman suffered injuries to her right arm, left leg and vagina, in addition to presenting “serious anxious and depressive symptoms related to the events.” The Prosecutor’s Office has requested for Santi Mina eight years in prison for sexual assault, a sentence that is not too far from that requested by the private prosecution, which asks for nine and a half years. The public ministry does not attribute any crime to Goldar, but the victim’s defense asks for the same sentence as for Mina, since it considers him a “necessary cooperator”since it did not prevent the events from happening at any time, even though they were in the same room.

Robinho’s case

The Milan Prosecutor’s Office issued, last February, an international arrest warrant and requested the extradition of the former international with the Brazilian soccer team, Robson de Souza ‘Robinho’sentenced to nine years in prison in Italy for rape a woman in a nightclub with five other men in 2013.

The events occurred on January 22, 2013 in a Milan nightclub and, according to the victim, Robinho and his friends they offered her alcoholic beverages and she got drunk, something that the men took advantage of to abuse her. BalloonSport then leaked conversations that those involved had about the events and that corroborate the victim’s version.

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The former AC Milan winger, who continues to deny the accusations, appealed the sentence before the Supreme Court of Cassation, the highest court of appeal in the transalpine country, which rejected his appeal in January. With the issuance of the international arrest warrant, the former Real Madrid player could be arrested if he left his country and was located in any other country that does have an extradition agreement with Italy.

Cristiano Ronaldo, signaled

The former Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo has also been implicated in a sexual assault accusation. The events supposedly took place in 2009 in Las Vegas and, after so many years, it has not been fully clarified. In 2017, the newspaper Der Spiegel revealed the alleged history of aggression but also the agreement between the Manchester United striker and the former model Kathryn Mayorga so that he would not report him.

Although the Portuguese has defended his innocence tooth and nail, he had to face Mayorga, who sued him through civil law. He accused the footballer of put pressure on her to reach an economic agreement and came to ask for 77 million dollars for the suffering and pain caused by the process.

Other cases

During the month of May 2021, Nike broke their contracts with the Brazilian Neymar Jr., since he did not cooperate in the investigation into the complaint of an employee of the multinational who claimed to have been the victim of a sexual assault by the PSG player. According to the woman, the soccer player tried to force her to perform oral sex on him at a New York hotel in 2016.

Soccer players and sexual harassment The Ruben Rochina case from

Benjamin Mendy entering Chester Crown Court to testify.

For its part, Benjamin Mendy, Manchester City left back, was jailed during the month of August 2021 accused of several cases of rape and sexual abuse. According to the newspaper The Sunhis teammate, Jack Grealishwould have to testify in court to clarify what happened, since he was at a party with the accused before the events occurred.

There have been many footballers who, over the years, have been accused of rape or sexual assault, including Robin Van Persie, patrick kluivert or the Spanish Iker Muniainwhich was pointed out by a porn actress who claimed that he sexually abused her in a hotel, something that is part of the investigation of the ‘torbe case‘. The relationship with the pornography producer also splashed the madridista Isco Alarcon.

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Soccer players and sexual harassment: The Rubén Rochina case from Granada, takes them out of the closet