Six cases of sexual abuse and harassment have been reported in educational institutions | The new day

The municipal Secretary of Education, Juan Manuel Rodríguez, indicated that so far in the 2022 school calendar they have received six complaints of cases of sexual harassment and abuse in educational institutions in the capital of Tolima.

According to the secretary, the complaints, for the most part, involve teachers and administrative staff of the different schools, processes by which the pertinent investigations are being carried out in search of establishing responsibility for the accusations.

Rodríguez maintained that within the actions undertaken by the portfolio, what has been done is a transfer of those possibly responsible so that they do not have any contact with the student community or victims, however, he warned that due process must be respected in each of the complaints.

“To date, we have six reported cases of teachers or administrators who have committed acts of sexual harassment and abuse and the pertinent investigations are already being carried out. It is important to point out that due process must be taken into account and, therefore, we cannot take immediate withdrawal actions from the educational system; However, we have had some series of measures such as transfers to other educational institutions or transfers to the same Ministry of Education to avoid this issue and most importantly, that they do not have contact with minors, while the relevant activities are carried out, “he said. the head of the Education portfolio.

Rodríguez indicated that in the reported cases there are several of greater complexity that have even been worked on by the Police for Children and Adolescents.

In the same sense, he pointed out that since the school year began in person, multiple problems of coexistence have been unleashed and that for this reason a joint effort is being developed with principals and parents to mitigate some type of confrontation.

Faced with a route for those who are victims of some type of sexual violence, the secretary indicated that the first step is to go and report to the directives of the official schools, who already know a route of attention, later the case remains in the hands of the Mayor’s Office, who defines the measures to be implemented.

The return to presence in the city’s schools has also generated a wave of problems of coexistence that has been reflected in constant fights outside the schools. Authorities prepare measures.

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Six cases of sexual abuse and harassment have been reported in educational institutions | The new day