Six 11 and 12-year-old students denounced a classmate for sexual abuse: they ask for expulsion

Six 11-year-old girls denounced a 12-year-old classmate for sexual abuse at a secondary school. As the school did not initially make the complaint and only changed the accused boy’s shift, students and fathers and mothers protested: ask for expulsion. And to force her, a whistleblower mother asked for an approach restriction.

The conflict broke out at the Arturo Illia school in Santa Rosa. It is located in Villa Alonso, in front of the Government House and the Chamber of Deputies. Boys and girls from different social sectors attend.

A mother, Pahola M. denounced on social networks what happened to her daughter, the first one who could put what happened into words. “On April 20, my daughter came home from school in a sea of ​​tears… A classmate of hers had abused her, her and 5 more of her classmates. The school sends us a note saying that she was expecting us the next day at 10:20 am”.

Thus begins the story that the mother published on social networks a week later. Pahola M. revealed that on the same day that her daughter told her what had happened, she filed a complaint with the Functional Gender Unit.

And he adds: “On the 21st we went to the school where my daughters attend. The director, Claudio Metz, treated the subject so lightly, that we felt anger, anger, it was our daughter who was involved and 5 girls over 11 years old, the proposal of this unpresentable, to change the boy to the other course.

The complainant mothers expressed your disagreement. “It’s a burden,” we said, because we didn’t want my daughter to have to run into this “baby” every day, to which she replied that she couldn’t do anything! Then we told him that we had gone to make the complaint and that the Functional Unit had told us that they should have done it, because, firstly, it was in the establishment and secondly, the girls spoke and told the preceptor and a teacher”.

The school filed the complaint two days later. “And only because we told them!!”, says Pahola M. “ They always wanted to leave the institution in a good position, that’s why they didn’t want to make the complaint, they wanted to cover everything, they wanted to “soften things” but they know how ugly What is it like for a minor, or for anyone who has suffered abuse, to see who touched them every day?

The mother confessed “how ugly it is to answer personal and very intimate questions or questions from your daughter? And having to put up with comments like, “It wasn’t that big of a deal either, it’s not like they raped you.” My daughter was lucky be able to tell and be supported, other companions did not have the same luck, their parents minimized it, and another was forced to apologize, because the father did not want problems.

Director Claudio Metz was questioned about the way he dealt with the complaint. “It’s abuse, but not that serious,” he told the mothers.

Other mothers, Ani R. and Karen A. confirmed what happened to their daughter, C. “It is horrible the tense situation that we are going through, that my daughter is going through because we raised her in such a healthy way that she does not handle networks or telephone. These are her first little friends and this happens to her, ”said Ani R..

“(C, the daughter) is fine with everything, obviously she is angry, sometimes she cries, she gets off talking to us and tomorrow she is going to start psychological treatment. We expect nothing more than that the perpetrator is expelled from school, neither more nor less, I thought of changing my daughter but that would be giving this kid the possibility to continue doing it with other girls, he is just 12 years old and he does this, imagine in the future, ” Ani R said.

“I try not to take things out and put the things I think about because I want to save myself another problem, so I hope that with everything we are doing, they will not tease us again as they did now with the change of shift (because my daughter keeps crossing it and laughs in his face) and do things as they have to be done,” the mother claimed.

The other mother of the attacked student, Karen A. said that “we came here two weeks ago with this. The Coordination only took the measure of changing the student on duty. And they know that she comes to physical education in the afternoon and they kept crossing (the victims with the alleged aggressor)”.

He recounted what happened the other day, when he went to pick her up at school. “My daughter is having a nervous breakdown. There is the boy who did this to her, pointing at her and laughing with the other boys, ”said Karen. “When I ask her to tell me who she is, because I don’t know that creature, she looks at me and laughs defiantly. I controlled myself, got on the bike and left. And I contained my daughter in my house, because of the nervous breakdown she had, “she said.

Karen recounted that “the director told me it was not so serious abuse. Touching without consent is abuse. Today he played it and tomorrow what happens. We do not receive the attention of Education that we need”.

It was precisely Karen A. who made the request to restrict the approach. “In the Gender Unit they told me to make the approach restriction, so they have to remove it,” she said.

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Six 11 and 12-year-old students denounced a classmate for sexual abuse: they ask for expulsion