Sexuality during pregnancy: enjoy it

sexuality during pregnancy

Sexuality during pregnancy can become a problem for many couples. We are going to solve the doubts and frequently asked questions to prevent this from happening.

The experience of a pregnancy should be something fantastic. The lack of information and the taboo of sex can spoil it. Do not make the most common mistakes and get ready to enjoy every moment since you want to have a child.


Pregnancy is a normal situation in life and the ideal is to achieve it when desired. Many couples suffer during the time they want it and are distressed by the fear of not getting it. This can cause intercourse to become routine and the “Today it’s time to have sex” become monotonous and boring.

The time that is considered normal to achieve a pregnancy in a couple that does not take contraceptive measures is at least one year. When methods are not used to identify ovulation in women or the menstrual cycle is unknown, pregnancy can take several months to arrive. The cause is simple: A woman can only get pregnant on the two days around her ovulation. You have to take this into account and accept it.

This explains why many couples are confused by thinking that pregnancy is something almost automatic as soon as they stop using birth control methods And it is not like that. Therefore, it is important to make a decision: we are going to achieve that desired pregnancy without looking at the calendar and without rushing, or we are going to program it and look for it in a “scientific” with ovulation test and apps that help us identify the fertile days.

What you should not do is get nervous because it will make things worse. Many couples propose have sex on alternate days, day in and day out. It is a bad practice if your goal is a pregnancy because of what I mentioned above: a woman can get pregnant in a period of 48 to 72 hours maximum during a month. Therefore it is a good idea to relax and let nature do its work. And focus sex on the fertile days of each cycle.

The experience of a pregnancy should be something fantastic. The lack of information and the taboo of sex can spoil it. Do not make the most common mistakes and get ready to enjoy every moment since you want to have a child.

On the other hand, every woman knows that her menstrual cycle, although it is irregular, it has two phases: before and after ovulation. Ovulation is triggered by a surge in female sex hormones and they have effects on your body that are easily recognizable:

  • For example, many women feel like an internal prick in the area of ​​the ovaries indicating that you may be ovulating.
  • The uterus also secretes a noticeable amount of fluid that runs down the vagina to the outside. It’s called fertile flow and it is transparent and elastic if it is gathered between two fingers and separated.
  • the pain and breast swelling, Coincident with the above symptoms, it can also be an indicator of ovulation.
  • If the menstrual cycles are regular, it is easier to identify ovulation. towards the middle of each cycle. You feel signs similar to those that warn you that menstruation is close.

All this information is very important for get to know your body and enjoy your sexuality as a couple without turning it into a race to a pregnancy that is slow in coming. Using the knowledge of your body in your favor can also favor that desired pregnancy arrives and, practically, know the day you conceived your child. And fully enjoy sex in a pleasant way.

Enjoy your sexuality during pregnancy
Enjoy your sexuality during pregnancy

As I often say, it is important to do things right and not get carried away by anxiety and worry. A natural life situation should be taken as something that is going to happen and it is about savoring it from the first moment.


The good news has arrived, the period disappears and we give a positive pregnancy test. !! Congratulations!! Now a multitude of doubts and logical questions are crowded and some irrational fears around sex During pregnancy.

I am going to start by saying that pregnancy does not prevent a woman or couple from leading a completely normal life, sexuality included. Nature is wise and has designed the female womb as a perfect refuge for the embryo to grow and develop as a fetus until it is time to go outside in childbirth.

A pregnant woman is not a delicate woman at a fragile moment in her life, although it is true that the new hormonal balance is going to make you feel very different. The first three months you will feel many changes motivated by hormonal adaptation and they are the most unstable. You may feel intense odor rejection, feelings of nausea, and other strange changes. After this phase you can feel very good, balanced, bright and especially sexual. Many women report that they would like to repeat their pregnancy experience due to the bodily well-being and happiness they felt during it. Once again, hormones are responsible for all this.

The most common doubts about sexuality during pregnancy can make us feel bad and avoid sexual relations. I review below the most frequent:

  • Is it dangerous to have sex during pregnancy? Absolutely. A pregnancy is a natural situation and there are no limitations or contraindications in relation to sex. On the contrary, satisfactory sexuality brings well-being, pleasure and helps you feel closer to your partner during this time.
  • Can penetration harm the fetus? There is no risk that penetration could harm the fetus or interfere with a pregnancy. Even passionate sexual relations, allowing yourself to feel intensely, are completely valid. Try to eliminate from your brain these types of thoughts that are only going to harm you and have no real basis.
  • Can ejaculating inside be harmful? Ejaculation inside the vagina does not carry any risk during pregnancy. The cervix produces a kind of plug that prevents it from penetrating inside and is an insurance against any type of infection that the woman could suffer.
  • Can orgasm alter or advance labor? This question also has no logical basis. Female orgasm is known to include contractions of the pubococcygeal (pelvic floor) muscles and also affects the uterus during orgasm. But enjoying orgasm is not contraindicated in a normal pregnancy. Do not be afraid to let yourself go and feel fully.
  • Is it normal to feel more sexual during pregnancy and feel like more? It can happen in many women who feel more sexual during pregnancy due to the hormonal load involved. On the other hand, the fear of an unwanted pregnancy is eliminated and in many cases the illusion and emotional support cause libido and sexual desire to increase. Take advantage of it and enjoy these special months.
  • Why do some men feel sexually inhibited when their wife is pregnant? The pregnancy situation involves many changes and the woman’s body changes. In most cases, men also feel greater sexual attraction to their partner due to this. It is very important to talk about it and avoid suffering from misunderstandings. The cases of male sexual inhibition are explained by the fear of harm and not by the rejection of the female body image. If we don’t talk about it as a couple, we run the risk of suffering unnecessarily from this confusion.
  • What intercourse positions are most recommended during pregnancy? Everything will depend on the comfort of the woman and her sexual preferences. In an advanced pregnancy, the ideal position may be the woman sitting on top of the man. The pressure on the belly is released and it is she who can decide how everything goes during penetration. There are also couples who like the “doggy” position accommodating the woman’s belly with some cushions. Of course, side posture, either facing or the woman with her back to the man, allows a lot of freedom and comfort during intercourse.

Pregnancy does not prevent a woman or couple from leading a completely normal life, sexuality included.

Each woman and each couple are different and valid advice cannot be given for everyone. In general, as we have seen, pregnancy does not mean reducing or paralyzing sex, quite the opposite. It is a special moment where hormonal and bodily changes can also affect the relationship itself. The best advice is seek clear information and dialogue about all this. It is an important moment in life to share it in depth and strengthen the relationship as a couple.


9 months have passed and, finally, we meet our son. We start the quarantine call phase where it is up to the woman to recover from the entire process she has experienced.

The moment of childbirth implies a huge hormonal drop and the restart, little by little, of reproductive normality. As in the first three months of pregnancy many women feel less desire sexual due to hormonal disturbances. After childbirth, a variable time in months is necessary for you to feel like yourself again and recover completely. There is no rush.

If there has not been a caesarean section and the birth has happened vaginally, it is possible that you have undergone the episiotomía and have a few stitches at the vaginal entrance. It is very important that you find out about all the existing procedures before delivery so that you and your partner can decide how things are going to happen and what the implications are.

Many women take time to recover from this procedure and feel discomfort during penetration for this reason in the months and even years following childbirth. This is why it is important to have information and perform some recovery exercises for the pelvic area after it.

From the moment they have their first child, the couple will be affected in all aspects of life, sexuality included. We are already three people and sexual intimacy is going to suffer. The first years of parenting are going to be very demanding: breastfeeding, caring for the child, the fatigue that accumulates and the lack of intimacy can make sex practically disappear for a while.

Don’t worry, this is a normal phase of life where we have to relearn everything. And better with enthusiasm and collaboration. We men can take care of our baby in all your needs except to breastfeed. But that’s what bottles are for. Many women feel lonely and abandoned by their partners right now and too many men awkwardly and insecurely withdraw from their parenting responsibilities.

I have seen many young couples with children with serious sexual conflict because of this. The woman feels equally awkward and insecure. And also alone at a critical moment in life. If we men do not do our part as co-responsible fathers, we are making a mistake that will be paid for with the resentment of our partner in the future.

In any case, the sexuality of the couple will change and it is normal that it may be affected during the first year of the baby’s life. Talking about it, being sensitive and intelligent to recover intimacy is good advice. And ask for help from close relatives in parenting. If necessary, consult with a specialist in sexology to recover a rewarding and satisfying sexuality.

Before finishing, if you have read this far, it is certain that you are interested in this topic and that you may be in this phase of your life. Thank you for leaving me your comment at the end with your assessment and questions to help complete the information and answer the concerns that many other people may have on this topic. Thank you.

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Sexuality during pregnancy: enjoy it

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