“Sexuality condenses power relations”

Erik Remès publishes « The 21st sex“, Raw, pornographic and political work. Thus promises this novel: “a political work which stains the sheets well, because through sexuality, and in particular a depraved homosexuality, drug addict and juicy, it is all the relations of power which are set in motion in our societies. depressive and anxiety-inducing, on the decline. “

For Erik Remès, writing is a struggle – punching begins from the cover of the book. Like him, I think that sex is political and that analyzing the sexuality of a society amounts to deconstructing power relations. So here are some questions to Erik Remès, who rather deconstructs with spunk.

Why the choice to mix the raw side of sexuality and the political aspect?

Sexuality is eminently political and part of our social life. It condenses all the relations of norms and power within a society. Balance of power, homophobia, violence, machismo, misogyny, etc., are the udders of sex. I am a psychologist and sexologist by training. Sexuality makes it possible to reach the truth and the madness of the human being. It is perhaps in sex that our last spaces of freedom nestle. It is this fundamentally political freedom that I wanted to show and analyze.

Why did you integrate drugs as a constitutive element of sexuality?

Drugs and in particular synthetic drugs have literally contaminated the sexual sphere. They are used more and more in plans. It is a health disaster in the gay community. At first we take drugs to have sex. Then we have sex to take drugs. I wanted to analyze the phenomenon. Many people no longer envision their sexuality without a product.

En what do you think homosexuality makes it possible to rethink standards?

Homosexuality questions society, calls it into question. LGBT rights reveal whether a society has progressed or not. It is a phenomenal element of the dominant norm analysis. We saw it with the gay marriage that we find in the novel (the heroes get married): it is the very foundations of heterosexuality that are called into question. The dominant standard had better watch out.

Qui / what are you aiming for with this novel?

I wanted to write the novel of a generation a little lost in a world in crisis. It’s a fundamentally positive romance novel: love is the most important reason for living. Maybe the only one in the end. It is an elegiac ode to love.

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“Sexuality condenses power relations”

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