As my short film has rightly said, I am Estela, and I am here at the Congress of Cerebral Palsy, to claim the right to access our sexuality as sexual persons that we are and with full rights.

I am not a baby, nor a girl, and even less an asexual person because I am in a wheelchair. I am a woman who has the ability to enjoy everything, the same right and the same needs as everyone else, and that is where my sexuality comes in.

Sexuality, what is that?

It is often said that it is a taboo, but in reality everyone talks about sex, or rather, as Antonio Cubillo would say, they talk about “fucking”, because the concept of sexuality is highly contaminated as a result of the insufficient sexual education that we receive and the sex industry (that is when it is received), because, in the case of people with functional, intellectual or mental diversity, it has become a true taboo, imposed by social prejudice and lack of resources, as it could well be sexual assistance.

Sexuality is problematized and reduced to reproduction, which is something very different, depriving us of other fundamental experiences for the development of our own identity.

Sexuality is made up of sensations of pleasure and pleasure is in the experiences of enjoyment, such as a complicit look with another person, or bathing in the beach, that is sexuality because you are enjoying it. Pleasure is everywhere, but we repress it because feeling pleasure is not well seen and already, if you manifest it openly, you are out. Well, let’s clean sexuality of prejudices and taboos because sexuality is one of the basic needs of the human being, such as sexual-affective relationships.We are not the eternal children no matter how much society weighs us. We are desired, desiring and desirable people as sexual people that we are.

When we say the word “desire” quickly comes to mind “sexual desire” and everything that has to do with “fucking”. Well, there are as many wishes as there are people. For example, I want to live in an equal world or I want to drink a glass of juice, they are just as desirable as wanting to have a sexual relationship. Let’s not limit a word to just one meaning.

Wake. Sexuality and functional diversity. SexducationWhen most people think of erogenous zones, they think of the mouth, the breasts, and the genitals. But the greatest erogenous zone of the human being is full of limits, canons of beauty, stereotypes and prejudices; I’m talking about our mind. Sexuality is not only something physical, it is clear, the body also counts and a lot. Our bodies have to stop being alien because they are ours and we have to turn them into spaces of life and pleasure.

In the case of people with functional diversity, we cannot always access our body and our pleasure. That is why I want to vindicate here the figure of the sexual assistant. Its function is to give support to people who cannot access our own body or cannot manage ourselves for certain actions such as putting on a condom. It is not a person with whom to have sex but rather helps you to have it, something that should be as natural as going to the bathroom or changing a tampon.

Wake. Sexuality and functional diversity. SexducationFamily overprotection, as well as discrimination and social exclusion, deprive us of our rights and the opportunity to have experiences in which we can learn about our sexuality. I discovered my sexuality in a camp and since then I have discovered many more things, I have been able to interact with all kinds of people, I have trained and thanks to this I am empowering myself, because sexuality gives me knowledge of my being and self-confidence .

Because of that overprotection and because of that lack of sexual education, we do not know where the limits are of how far they can access our body. Unfortunately there are more abuses than we think and not only of a sexual nature, both in entities and in the family environment. That is why it is so important to receive this information and training in the field of sexual education.

I also want to claim the lack of support in the entities, since when there is a couple in an entity, sexual-affective relationships are prohibited or prevented. Why? Because it is rare and taboo to see two people with functional or intellectual diversity kissing each other on the mouth, but if it is on the face they will say “Oh how rich”.

We are not “the disabled”. We are women, men, transsexuals or transgender with our own identity with rights and diverse, like the rest of the population.

For a sexuality free of taboos, diverse and legitimate.

We would love to give thanks to the writer of this write-up for this remarkable material


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