Sexual disorders: the impact of diseases and treatments

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What are the diseases that can interfere with sexuality?

First of all, when the disease itself can affect the sexual physical system, For example :

  • Damage to the nerves in the perineal area;
  • A cerebral disease that affects the centers of excitement;
  • Arterial diseases that prevent the proper circulation of blood in the genital area;

By the consequences of these diseases on daily functioning and quality of life :

  • A hip or knee disease has no direct impact on sexuality but can prevent a good quality of life, and therefore interfere with comfort during sexual intercourse;
  • It also sometimes happens because of a rheumatic disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and other diseases;

By psychological factors :

  • The psychological consequences of a more or less serious or chronic illness. This always has an impact on personal well-being; with in particular a higher risk of anxiety or depression, which can of course lead to sexual disorders;

For example, when a woman lives with a chronic disease, like :

  • Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, endometriosis, cancer, urinary disease or rheumatic disease, etc.

Act on all these factors

It is therefore important to act on the 4 axes that we have just mentioned above to avoid the appearance of sexual disorders or to improve any sexual disorders.

This is why it is always necessary to ensure that the disease is corrected as much as possible, with good medical follow-up, and that the disease is as stabilized as possible. The more stable the disease, the less physical consequences it will have on female sexual function.

And it is above all for this reason that it is important that this disease does not significantly impact the quality of daily life.

It is therefore necessary that the psychological consequences of these diseases on the woman be evaluated and that the management of possible depressive symptoms be started fairly quickly.

What treatments can give female sexual disorders?

Regarding the treatments, we can distinguish 2 types of treatment: surgical treatments and drug treatments.

Among surgical treatments, we find :

  • Treatments for certain gynecological tumours;
  • Treatments for certain bladder diseases;
  • Or following invoices or trauma to the pelvis: any surgery that intervenes on the perineum and the pelvic area can unbalance the medical situation of the genital area and can cause changes in the sensations of pleasure, in sexual arousal or in the ability to achieve orgasm;

In the majority of cases, the consequences are temporary and the situation gradually improves; especially if there has been support with sexologists trained in this type of situation.

Other surgeries can alter sexual function such as:

  • Brain surgery or spinal cord surgery, in the event that there are complications such as neurological deficit (hemiplegia or paraplegia).

The impact of drug treatments

Regarding drug treatments, many drugs can cause a decrease in libido, with a disturbance also of arousal, pleasure and female orgasm.

Some of the drugs most notorious for having a negative impact on female sexuality include:

  • Antidepressants and other psychotropics;
  • Certain pain medications, such as tramadol, codeine or morphine;
  • Hormone treatments, such as hormonal treatments for breast cancer; or sometimes contraceptive treatment, such as the pill;

It is important to remember that when in doubt about a link between a drug and the occurrence of a sexual disorder, this treatment should not be stopped without medical advice; it could be risky.

It is best to speak with the prescribing doctor to find an alternative if possible.

It is also possible to talk about it with an online sexologist on, to get specific advice and possibly find a way to improve sexuality, despite drug treatment when it is still necessary.

Diseases and impact on sexuality: what to remember

In conclusion, chronic diseases and certain specific diseases can lead to female sexual disorders, whether because of the disease itself, its consequences on the well-being of the person, or by the treatments used against this disease. .

Sex therapies and treatment by specialists in sexology make it possible in the vast majority of cases to improve sexual function, despite chronic illnesses or the treatments put in place.

Sexual disorders in the event of chronic diseases or treatments are therefore not inevitable. And when a person suffers from them and wishes to improve them, an online sexology consultation is well indicated.

The situation can improve in most cases.

Decreased desire or lack of libido?
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Sexual disorders: the impact of diseases and treatments

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