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Sexual blocks occur when a person is unable to have sex even while trying.

It is not an organic problem, if not something mental, since, when this happens, the person is invaded by certain negative thoughts related to sexuality that prevent them from living it satisfactorily. Which can generate a great feeling of guilt and even, sometimes, shame.

What are the main causes of sexual blocks?

They can appear at any time in life for various reasons.

These can be both psychological What social, for example: beliefs about sexuality; the sexual education received; the culture of the environment; past trauma or experiences; fear of performance, rejection or being judged, having low sexual self-esteem; suffer stress or concerns; have high sexual expectations etc. Being the beliefs and traumas of the past the most common causes.

In relation to the first, they are lto information, advertising, culture and education that we have received throughout life, which will shape our belief system and ideas. If that kind of information is negative towards sex, the conception that we will have about him will also be negative. Thus, sexuality can be influenced, conditioned and, sometimes, limited by it.

sexual blocks - Sexologist MadridFor example, chen a person experiences sexual trauma or some past experience that has been lived as something negative, an unconscious defense mechanism is going to develop. That is, a kind of armor is acquired as a defense that, in the sexual sphere, will cause the appearance of said blockages.

In this specific case, so that these locks do not remain over time, it is important identify what has been the concrete cause and get break that armor, leaving the past behind and beginning to live in the present, thus being able to fully enjoy sexuality.

What to do to overcome them

sexual blocks - Sexologist MadridPractice yoga and mindfulness are two options that will help combat these blockages. They are recommended since they are two tools that allow us allow us to connect with the present and with our inner “I”. In this way, when having sex, they allow you to focus on the “here and now”, promoting arousal and preventing negative thoughts from taking over.

On the other hand, it is also important work self-esteem. The vision that each one has about himself plays a determining role in relationships, both as oneself and with others. That is, if each one learns to appreciate and love himself as he is, this will be reflected positively in sexual relationships.

If insecurity, fear, and anxiety are allowed to take over, they will end up completely dominating our sexuality, making those sexual blocks unmanageable.

Author: Clinical Team Madrid Institute of Sexology

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Sexual blocks: keys to avoid them – Sexologist Madrid

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