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There are several physical and behavioral indicators that parents or guardians should take into account to detect if a child or adolescent has been the victim of sexual abuse. Specialists emphasize that dialogue and sexual education are the main preventive factors.

Although the signs can be subjective, there are several physical and psychological indicators that can be noticed in minors who are victims of sexual abuse.

Belén Espínola, child clinical psychologist, made a list of some signs that children affected by abuses.

On a physical level, it is important to be alert to injuries to parts of the body that are not common, such as the genitals. Also a somatization of ailments or alteration of sleep and appetite. “These are situations outside of what a boy or a girl usually presents in everyday life,” she said.

As for the psychological, several changes can occur such as withdrawal, fear of a person or places. In addition, a verbalization of everything related to sexuality can be given that is not consistent with a child of a certain age. “References to questions of sexuality that, in theory, at her age would not have how to be part of her repertoire in dialogue with others,” she maintained.

How to prevent abuse?

The psychologist stated that dialogue and sexual education are the two fundamental elements for the prevention of abuse in children.

As he expressed, talking about “no”, about stopping any situation with which one does not agree, is one of the topics to discuss and explain to minors. “Put a limit, say no”, she limited.

He also explained that children, from the time they are able to understand basic principles, should be taught that “no one can touch my body without my permission.”

He even referred that even if it is the father or mother assisting the child for some condition in their private parts, they must report what they are doing, in such a way that they understand why they are doing it. “Always do that daily practice of respecting other people’s bodies and setting limits,” she suggested.

Another recommended measure is to train the little ones in order not to have “secrets” with their parents or with adults. “Give the child the information that phrases like these (secrets) have to alert him,” she said.

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Likewise, he stressed the need for parents to remind their children that they can tell them anything, because they will not judge them and that they will always believe them.

Alleged abuse at Lambaré school

The alerts for cases of child sexual abuse were triggered last Friday after a complaint of an event allegedly occurred in a private school in Lambaré.

The case generated public outrage since, as it was known, the mother of the affected child filed a complaint for bullying already on March 31, but the school authorities did not intervene. The sexual abuse would have been committed by the same adolescents who harassed the minor.

The school authorities would have minimized the situation and did not apply the protocol established by the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC) and others for this type of case.

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After the complaint of the victim’s mother before the Prosecutor’s Office, several procedures were developed. They were arrested and charged Carolina Urbietadirector of the school, Maria Gabriela Santiviago, coordinator, and the teacher Olga Maria Feltes. For these preventive detention was requested.

The prosecutorial group in charge of the investigations announced that two of the alleged abusers have already been identified.

Parents of students of the school and the self-summoned citizens are on vigil, in front of the San Lorenzo court, waiting for the imposition of measures against the accused.

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Sexual abuse: what are the signs that a child was a victim – Nationals – ABC Color