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The parents of students from the private school in Lambaré, where a case of sexual abuse allegedly occurred to a minor under six years of age, remain on vigil in front of the San Lorenzo court, awaiting the resolution of the judge who is handling the case. The protesters demand preventive detention for the three defendants in the case,

After the completion of the preliminary hearing of the three teachers accused in the case of sexual abuse of a minor in a school in Lambaré, the judge Gladys Farina reported, unofficially, that they do not have a schedule to issue a resolution. He stated that there will be an answer today, but he did not give a specific time.

The parents, who have been stationed since morning in front of the Court of First Instance of San Lorenzo, continue to stand vigil, in a demonstration with batucadas and banners, awaiting the response of justice.

As a spokesperson, one of the parents said into the megaphone that they would not leave the courthouse until they had an answer. “We are not going to move from here. Madam Judge Gladys Fariña, all budgets have been presented so that there is an answer. We ask for preventive detention, ”she said.

On the other hand, the coordinator’s defense attorneys, Maria Gabriela Santiviago, the lawyers José Dos Santos and José Ignacio Santiviago; and the director, Carolina Urbieta, the lawyer Raquel Fernández, left the courthouse. While the defense of the teacher Olga Maria Feltesthe lawyers Williams Justiniano and Isamar Fariña, continue inside the headquarters awaiting the decision of the court.

The judge indicated that the verdict will still be awaited because it continues to be heard in other cases. There are at least 18 hearings that she still has pending, related to other causes, according to what she indicated.

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Sexual abuse: Parents’ vigil awaiting court resolution – Nationals – ABC Color