Sexual abuse and mistreatment of minors increased by 50% in Norte de Santander

Rejection in various sectors of Norte de Santander have been known in the face of the murder case of a 16-year-old girl and the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old girl, in events that occurred in the municipalities of El Tarra and Cáchira.

Alejandra Vera, coordinator of the Fundación Mujer Denuncia y Muévete, told RCN World that, “we are concerned that as time progresses, cEvery day women are more vulnerable, especially girls and adolescentsvictims of sexual abuse of men, who in some cases are in their family environment”.

Likewise, the social leader said that unfortunately the home has become the most dangerous place of sexual violence in minors, by the stepfather, uncle, brother and even by their own father.

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“Because of this culture of sexual violence and femicide, it is important to carry out preventive programs through the application of a great pedagogy and methodology, to prevent children from being the protagonists of pedophilia and femicide in the future,” said Vera.

Likewise, the social leader maintained that Norte de Santander occupies the first places at the national level for child abuse. He said that there is a silence and complicity on the part of some families and the competent authorities who end up re-victimizing the victims.

At the same time, psychologist Janrriet Mudvi held RCN World what, “we are experiencing very difficult times with our children, many of them do not report, they keep quiet about everything that happens to them, because they don’t find trust with their family and in the end they make the wrong decision to end their own life”.

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According to the psychologistduring the pandemic mistreatment and sexual abuse in boys and girls increased, in most cases their aggressors were in their own home and members of the same family, many of the cases were known when they returned from face-to-face classes due to the change in behavior of the minors.

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Sexual abuse and mistreatment of minors increased by 50% in Norte de Santander