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We probably think that people want (whether we dare or not, that’s another question) to throw a cane in the air from time to time without ties or commitments. This topic is less and less taboo among today’s young adults, and more so in the age of social media dating.

How have the young get rid of old unwritten rules?: Ask the girl you like on a date…, it has to be the boy who takes the initiative…, if you don’t know him you shouldn’t have sex with him…, to enjoy sex there has to be love…

For what reasons do you sleep with someone you barely know? Is it necessary to love someone to enjoy sex with that person? Join us for these unknowns.

We do not know to what extent young people have really freed themselves from the previous codes. Especially considering that our parents have educated most of us, from silence, in everything that had to do with sexuality. However, it seems that it is “fashionable” to sleep with a variety of lovers and be able to enjoy it. We also don’t know if this new “relationship pattern” actually makes young people happier.

Perhaps it is due to group pressure or they may simply be attracted to the other person and they do not think about it anymore. Or maybe both things are happening at the same time: the desire to show off and the desire to have fun through sex.

It is frequently heard: “The first time has to be with someone special. But many young people will be thinking… “and who is someone special?”, “what if the person who is supposed to be special never shows up?”. Another typical comment is: “If you don’t feel something for that person, you don’t enjoy it”. Something? what is feeling something?

And what about sexual pleasure itself? Where is it relegated? Who is going to worry about him but oneself?…

A study that we have carried out recently has shown us that there are people who do enjoy and people who do not enjoy. Interestingly, this study has revealed to us that there are big gender differences in this to have occasional sexual relations with someone with whom you are not in love or in love.

Who do you think is more interested in having sex with a person without commitment?…. Exactly, the men. But do not think that the level of interest of women in sex without commitment is nil. On the one hand, men have to prove their masculinity (Otherwise, they are not “so men”), and what better way to do it than leaving the club with a girl by the hand in front of all his friends.

On the other hand, at women we like to feel desired and it seems that it is more important for us to have a stability with the couple, but, let’s not forget, we also want to wish. Therefore, we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place. It seems that women have to make their body known, as well as show how skilled and capable they are in bed; and from there, see if we deserve later to have a romantic and stable relationship.

However, the social penalty strikes again, given that the one who goes to bed with the first person she wants is going to be described as an “easy girl” or with much more offensive words. On the contrary, if she rejects a sexual offer, with how modern we all are nowadays!, she will be described as prudish, for example, or old-fashioned. There are qualifiers to give and take. All this is one more proof that we usually get hurt, whatever we do.

It is also true that other studies say that women agree to have sexual relations with someone they barely know, in the hope that this someone become a romantic and stable couple.

Conclusion, as the moral of the story of “The father, the son and the donkey” tells us, the important thing is in know how to make decisions that satisfy each one without being so aware of what they will say, and that this does not prevent us from enjoying our own sexuality.

In line with this moral, in a society where sexuality is no longer so taboo (we still have a long way to go, but at least not as much as before) we are beginning to realize that we are owners of our sexuality. No one is the one to tell us how to live it, as long as the principles of consent are respected. There should be no problem in having sex without commitment. Casual consented and desired sex is a way for single people (and/or who are not in a stage of facing a more serious relationship or even that is not a goal in their life) to enjoy and be pleased.

It is not about proposing casual sex as the benchmark to follow and the model to achieve; On the contrary, each one chooses their behavior based on their desires, capacities, possibilities, moral guidelines… and all this in interaction with another person with their own ideas.

Speaking of enjoying… Once we have found the candidate that most attracts us and with whom we want to have a passionate night of sex without going any further, what satisfaction do we get? In the study that I have mentioned, it was revealed that indeed these relationships are enjoyed. However, gender differences were also seen here: men scored higher on a sexual satisfaction scale than women, but Be careful, the women did not score low, their score was high too, the men just enjoy it a little more than they do.

Once again I ask you… what do you think is the reason for this? Let’s think… They are fully aware of the social stigma that exists, if while she is having sex with a stranger or with someone she is not in love with she is thinking (consciously or unconsciously) about the negative consequences that her sexual satisfaction can bring about, don’t you know? will you see something diminished? Indeed. But there is also women who, even knowing that certain clichés exist, are capable of discerning them and know how to make use of their sexual freedom, to enjoy of these types of relationships.

In short, men and women seek and enjoy casual sex. They look for them without an apparent excuse, simply because they enjoy a crazy night and they, or at least most of them, with a certain hope that that person with whom they shared passion and debauchery for one night will become their partner. .

They enjoy a little more since they are free of social penalties, but although they will come out worse off socially,… nothing indicates that they can not enjoy the same way!

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Sex without “Commitment” among young people. What do they seek? Is it really satisfying? | Amalthea Blog

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