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Interest in the other or Sexual desire does not go away just by becoming an older adult. What happens, in reality, is that sexuality is transformed based on the experiences lived in the years of youth. 😍💏

The social imaginaries lead to health professionals, families and the elderly himself avoid the topic of sexuality and that is not correct.

Contrary to belief, Yes, it is common for older adults to maintain their active sexual life, especially when they still live as a couple and do not suffer from any degenerative disease. 🥰

That is, even though getting old, according to the World Health Organization, WHO, “It is the consequence of the accumulation of a great variety of molecular and cellular damages over time, which leads to a gradual decrease in physical and mental capacities (…)”, these effects are not necessarily exact at a specific age .

Depending on the conditions of their social environment and healthy habits that have been adopted during previous years, some Older adults can enjoy excellent health and active sexuality. 😈

Knowing the changes of adulthood is key

Experiment in a healthy way sex in the third age it depends on the changes experienced in old age. Therefore, being clear about what these changes are, in men and women, also allows face the list of myths that surround the sexuality of older adults. 💪🏻

According to him National Institute on Aging, from the National Institute of Health of the United States, women and men experience changes such as:


  • Beginning of the menopausal stage.
  • Drop in estrogen levels.
  • Feeling of dryness and vaginal thinning, which makes intercourse uncomfortable.
  • Decreased sexual desire 😓
  • Delayed sexual arousal time.


  • Start of the stage of the andropause.
  • Drop in testosterone levels.
  • Delayed sexual arousal time. 🤔
  • Need for more stimulation to achieve erections and orgasm. 🍌
  • It takes more time to achieve ejaculation.

For its part, WHO indicates that “sexuality in old age is influenced by numerous physiological changes that occur as part of the aging process in men and women, as well as by multiple psychosocial and socio-environmental factors”, according to the World report on aging and health.

Finally, Adapting to these changes will help you have a healthy and enjoyable sex life at any age. Of course, good health too It is important

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Myths and truths about sex in the elderly 👀

Myth: absence of sexual intercourse. 🤫

Truth: in previous paragraphs they have already been denied, it all depends on the social and health conditions of each older adult.

Myth: impediment of the man to achieve an erection.

Truth: It is not an impediment but rather a longer waiting time for the penis to achieve an erection, this erection can also become not so firm or have a short duration. Now, vascular disease does cause erectile dysfunction.

Myth: lack of lubrication of the woman’s vagina.

Truth: It is a sensation of dryness that you can have alternative to consulting the gynecologist, who can recommend lubricants, for example.

Myth: older adults can have a heart attack while having sex.

Truth: it only happens if the person already has serious heart disease or if they take drugs to get an erection without prior medical supervision.

Myth: lack of sexual desire on the part of women.

Truth: changes in the shape or size of the body can affect a woman’s self-esteem; Trust and the type of relationship with your partner will make a difference.

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Final tips for healthy sexuality in the elderly

Aging does not translate into the end of sexual activity. Enjoying sexuality to the fullest helps improve the quality of life in both genders, according to the WHO, as it benefits physical health, mental health and self-esteem.

Some tips that can facilitate a better sexual life at this age are: have a stable partner, visit the doctor regularly, adopt healthy habits, have a home of your own and have privacy; Always talk with your partner about sexual concerns and doubts, expand the definition of sex since kisses, caresses and other forms of contact can also be satisfactory. 🌹

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Sex in the elderly: tips, myths and truths | Doctor Akí

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