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We have all heard of or experienced summer love. They are intense, but they do not usually last long. Especially when you are between 15 and early twenties. Who else and who least has verified it, and movies like Dirty dancing, Noahs diaryO Call me by your name they have fueled the legend and devastated the box office (we love passionate love!), although they do not always have a happy ending.

But on the subject of sex there are many myths, because, although it is true that summer can make us more predisposed – the body is uncovered, the routine is broken, sensuality increases and we have more of a social life – the heat does not help, and if you are with a family or have small children, the difficult thing is to find the time. In addition, if we look at the birth rates throughout the year, we will see that sexual activity is fairly spread out, so the theory loses consistency. But what about desire? Because we cannot deny that libido increases. Could it be the hormones? the outfits summery? Seeing impact bodies a few meters from you on the beach or in the pool? Summer relaxation?

The answer that, in general, researchers give is that there is no scientific explanation that confirms it. In fact, it has been proven that in relationships that are not good, breaking routines and spending more time together is not always positive, but the other way around, because it increases friction and hidden conflicts can arise, and the proof is that many divorces they occur just after the holidays. On the other hand, in summer you usually spend more time with known people than with new people, unless you travel alone to places where you don’t know anyone, you go out every night to party or you just broke up and your friends don’t stop bothering you to find a partner (which is not to discourage you but, in general, does not usually work).

What is true is that summer lends itself to enjoyment and social life, and also more time to be with loved ones, so it is a good opportunity to cultivate intimacy and ‘do it’ more. But is everything that is said true? Or is it more legend than reality? In this post, Dr. Mª Fernanda Peraza, an expert in sexual healthclarifies some doubts.

Is it true that we are more uninhibited? REAL
Well yes, but in reality, more than a physiological issue, above all it is a social issue and personal attitude. The playful attitude and being under less work pressure makes the neurobiochemical balance in favor of disinhibition and the search for novelty. It binds more because you are more predisposed to it, and more relaxed, and more receptive (feeling and giving pleasure). People go out for drinks, do more outdoor activities, the good weather invites us to go out and influences our mood, we take more care of our physical appearance, there are no obligations or routines and we can allow ourselves to stay up late and be more open to improvisation .

And what about libido? is it higher than normal? does it raise testosterone? FAKE
What happens is that when you are on vacation, you experience moments of greater personal and social well-being and relaxation, so our body produces more substances related to pleasure, play, excitement and novelty, which make us feel good. which favors our predisposition towards sex.

Does good weather increase our predisposition? REAL
The increase in sunlight throughout the day keeps us more active and the heat makes us want to extend the nights and enjoy them more, which predisposes us to meeting friends and enjoying sex. In addition, we are more vulnerable in the emotional field.

Is it practiced and experienced more sexually? REAL
It is a question that depends on personal interest. Although the fact of breaking with the routine and being more relaxed, encourages you to experiment and try new things, or to do it outdoors, or in places you have not tried. In addition, the meaning of sex during the summer is different from the meaning during the rest of the year, it is something social or biological, or maybe both, but the sexual frequency increases for many.

Many couples decide to go looking for a baby in the summer. Do they increase the chances of getting pregnant? FAKE
If you’re not having trouble conceiving, summer doesn’t have to be better than any other time of year. Although if this fact means being more relaxed, predisposed and having sex more often, it can increase the chances, as it would increase the frequency during the ovulatory period at any other time of the year.

How are you spending the summer? Do you agree with these statements? We are waiting for you in the comments!

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Sex in summer: “better and more frequent” truth or myth…? – Blog Dexeus Woman

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