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The prosecutor of Paraguarí, Cecilia Núñez, reported serious signs of a new case of abuse detected in an educational center in the city of Yaguarón. The alleged victim is a three-year-old boy, and the complaint jumped last Tuesday, even before the explosion of the case that occurred in the Lambareño school.

As pointed out by the Prosecutor of Paraguarí Cecilia Núñezthe complaint was made last Tuesday, May 3, even days before the scandal that occurred in the Lambareño school came to light, also due to a case of abuse.

According to testimonies provided by the complainant, mother of the 3-year-old minor, there are serious indications that he would have suffered sexual abuse inside his school, by other students.

The investigator explained that since last Tuesday, the day of the complaint, she has been doing errands in order to determine those responsible for the fact, which at the moment is a suspicion.

Complaint was made before the Lambare case

When asked how it is possible that such a serious complaint that she received before the scandal at the Lambaré school did not lead her to act more quickly, and only now after an event of this type has been mediatized is she also bringing it to light, He did not argue much beyond that he requested reports from the Departmental Supervision of the Ministry of Education and Sciences, to find out if they activated the protocols in this case and they still have not informed him.

The most striking thing is that only now that the entire country is aware of cases of child abuse, the director of the Yaguarón school went to the local police station to make herself available to the Public Ministry. Therefore, the director was summoned for tomorrow, and she will have to testify.

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On the other hand, the investigator justified the slowness by alleging that the child is very young, therefore it is difficult for her to have details and identify her alleged aggressors.

More information will be obtained through interviews with psychologists and will be reinforced with results from the forensic doctor, said the researcher.

Mother denounced the Codeni

The complaint of the alleged fact was made by the minor’s mother, who noticed discomfort in the child’s body when bathing him. The little boy told what happened but without giving much information. The mother went to Codeni, who in turn notified the Public Ministry.

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Although the fiscal agent indicated that the coroner has already issued a conclusive report, she added that due to the characteristics of the event, she is still not encouraged to determine that it was an abuse, although there are serious indications.

The pre-kindergarten teacher, the grade to which the child belongs, will also testify. On Thursday the minor was medically inspected and on Friday the prosecutor was established at the school.

Legal advice from the MEC appeared today at the Paraguarí Prosecutor’s Office and they stated that they would intervene in the Yaguarón school.

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Serious indications of a case of sexual abuse in a Yaguarón school – Nationals – ABC Color