Series with a lot of sex and very good! for these cold days

Since it’s freezing cold and I know you want to stay on the sofa under a blanket, I’m going to leave you some recommendations of series with a lot of sex and very good! which I think you will like very much. All three are related to sexuality, relationships, gender identity and sexual orientation. In addition, you can see them for free on the Internet in the links that I leave you. Remember that you can see more recommendations for movies and series on our website.

Sense 8

Sense 8 tells us the story of 8 people, apparently unrelated and spread all over the world, who have a special union on a mental and emotional level. The series guides us through the lives of these characters and how the telepathic relationship between them changes and influences their paths. It is a series with some very special and everyday superheroes.

The series is full of fantastic sex scenes, very erotic and exciting. In addition, among the characters there are homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals… everything! The best thing is that the characters are very well created, very close, and treated with care and affection that makes your hair stand on end. they keep you excited all the time.

For fans of the Spanish actor Miguel Angel Silvestre (known for his interpretation of “El Duque” in the series Without boobs there is no paradise) this series will be a joy. You will be able to see him in a role in which you would never have imagined him and that embroiders perfectly. It is very much worth it.

Flesh and bone

Series with a lot of sexFlesh and bone is a mini-series about ballet world. In it we follow the protagonist, a new dancer in the American Dance Company, and her incorporation into her new life. Competitiveness, self-improvement, perfectionism, eating problems, family dramas, war of egos, art… are constantly present throughout the plot.

It is necessary to point out in this series the stupendous representation that they make of the relationship that dancers have with their bodies. How they love and hate them, take care of them, punish them, use them… and how they live their sexuality.

The sexuality of the characters directly influences their relationships, their friendships, their work, their self-esteem… and of course, the influence is also in the other direction. Each character is created with a specific sexuality that reflects their personal characteristics, their fears, their insecurities, their strengths… Sex is an omnipresent element throughout the series, in all its variants: erotic dances, prostitution, incest, rape, hetero, gay…


Series with a lot of sexThe harmony of a family is disrupted when the father tells his children that he has always felt like a woman and that, from now on, he will live as such. The series tells us about the process of change, how each member of the family reacts to the news and assimilates it, how the dynamics of the relationship between everyone changes…

There aren’t many sex scenes, but all the time the subject of sexuality, gender, sexual orientation is discussed… not only with the father, but with all the characters. It’s a story about love, tolerance, acceptance and fabulous personal evolution.

Anne Lombardy.

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Series with a lot of sex and very good! for these cold days

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