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Impact, and coverage in national media, have caused complaints of alleged sexual abuse inside the Sename center located in the Las Gaviotas sector, south exit of Valdivia.

It should be noted that this complaint comes from other officials of the same establishment, who anonymously accused the official of the Las Gaviotas Provisional Internment Center (CIP) of having committed sexual abuse against two young inmates.

In turn, the group of workers at the center indicated that they had gone to the media due to the insufficient investigative actions regarding these events by the management of the establishment.

Similarly, this Monday, the Regional Directorate of Sename Los Ríos, published a statement in which they express to the community that there is an ongoing investigation regarding this case.

“After learning of a complaint for alleged actions that could violate the sexual integrity of two adolescents who are serving the closed regime sanction at the Valdivia Juvenile Justice Center, this service has complied with all the procedures established in the legal and administrative system for these cases. “, he communicated.

Sename Los Ríos added that the procedure “includes making all the background information available to the Public Ministry, so that the facts are investigated, and in parallel, an administrative summary has been instructed in the institution.”

public defense

Faced with this situation, the Association of Sename Officials (Afuse), spoke this Tuesday with Valdivia Newspaper and emphasized that the complaint must be proven, after questioning its origin.

“We want to speak in favor of the official affected by this complaint. She is an official with a track record, permanently qualified on list one, ”says Patricio Araya, national leader of Afuse.

Representatives of the Association of Sename Officials.

In the company of other officials, Araya defends that the information that appears in local media must be contextualized.

“The CIP CRC Las Gaviotas is a criminal enforcement center for young offenders of the law,” he clarifies.

“In the case of the young people who would have made this complaint through officials of the center, they are convicted young people, and in addition, at the moment they are adults, since they would have reached the age of majority,” he emphasizes.

On the other hand, the Association of Officials of the Sename assures that the denounced official was not a direct intervener of the alleged victims.

“This claim has to be proven. There are no objective elements to support this complaint at this time and therefore those who made it will have to objectively prove in court what the basis for these complaints is,” adds Araya.

Credibility of testimonials

According to the version provided by Araya, the events that led to these complaints date from almost a year ago, a fact that contrasts with what was first published by Radio Bío Bío, where the officials who reported the event claim that it happened “a few weeks ago.”

“We are not the associations of civil servants who are called to give a value to the testimonies. What I can tell you is that the Sename, as a public institution, is one of those that has the most summaries for this type of situation,” said the national leader of the association.

In that sense, there is extensive documentation on the irregularities that have occurred in the centers of the former Sename, now known as Better Childhood.

In 2019, the investigative medium, Ciper, published an extensive study carried out by the Investigative Police (PDI) in which it was found that in 100% of the centers administered by Sename, and in 88% of those managed by individuals, 2,071 abuses were verified, 310 of them with sexual connotations.

However, in conversation with Valdivia NewspaperAraya questions the origin of the testimonies, pointing to the behavior of the young people who denounced the official.

“They are young people who have quite complex characteristics in terms of committing crimes, in terms of behavioral imbalances, in terms of drug use, therefore they will have to be weighed, by virtue of the merit and the weight of the background, to give them truth,” he says.

Finally, the association of officials, through Patricio Araya, emphasizes its position regarding the ongoing investigation.

“We as an association make a public defense of our colleague, of his impeccable professional conduct at Sename. We hope that in the context of the internal and criminal investigations, the truth will be reached and the function of our colleague who is being affected will be dignified,” they conclude.

New authority will seek to strengthen the process of social and labor reintegration of young people. More details in this note.

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The Seremi (s) of Social Development and Family, Gaby Marihuan and the regional director of Better Childhood, Esmeralda Espinoza participated in the activity.

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Through participatory processes, children and adolescents will generate information that will be delivered to the Constituent Convention.

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Sename: Association of Officials Defends a Colleague Accused of Sexual Abuse in Valdivia – Diario Laguino