Self-defense, a non-aggressive weapon to physically and psychologically empower women in La Nucía

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The Self Defense Course for women of La Nucia pursues a double objective: “to teach a physical response to a possible aggression and the psychological empowerment of women both at a collective and individual level”, explains the Equality technician of the municipality, Caridad Rodriguez.

Since 2018, the Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies of the City Council of La Nucia organizes a course on ‘Self Defense for Women’, an initiative financed by the ‘State Pact against Gender Violenceand which will take place between the months of May and June in the Camilo Cano Sports City. Hurry up to sign up because this Thursday, May 5the registration period ends.

Focused on women of All agesintends to provide them with self-defense tools that can serve them in “real moments of their lives”, such as situations related to gender violence, attempted sexual assault Or simply citizen violence.

self defense for women

The person in charge of teaching the course is the president of the club of Hapkido The Dragons of La Nucia, the master Manuel Navarrowho is also “very conscientious” on violence against women, Rodríguez points out.

The course consists of 16 hours of training which will be distributed in 8 sessions so that the students can internalize the techniques learned and generate body memory regarding the movements worked. “We want that, in the face of future aggression, the body remembers the movementsexplains the technique.

Between the workshop content taught by Master Navarro are: self-control techniques, learning body language in aggression, knowledge of anatomy, as well as the development of techniques against one or more aggressors (robbery, sexual assault or rape and/or kidnapping).

female empowerment

Rodríguez talks about different types or “levels” of violence against women. One of them is presented at a psychological level and refers to the place and space that women occupy in society, “the way they to be and to be in the public space“.

He specifies it with an example of boys and girls of school age who at school are equally distributed in the playground, but with adolescence, women “we are more to the margins“. Hence, these types of activities seek to psychological empowerment of women.

“We want women become aware of their body and their rights as citizens. But also of empowerment at a collective level because a safe space is generated which in turn fosters development of support networks, understanding and self-knowledge“, defends the Equality agent.

can save your life

Let me know when you get home‘, ‘daughter, do not go alone and that they accompany you‘, who has not ever heard their mother or their friends say those phrases? Self-defense is not the definitive solution to violence against women, but it can help you escape from a dangerous situation.

International Amnesty published an article with interesting data on this type of violence. Among those that attract the most attention are: ‘More than 2.8 million girls and women have suffered sexual violence at some point in their lives’, ‘in 2020, of the 12,769 victims of sexual crimes, 10,798 were women’ either ‘4 women are raped a day in Spain‘.

You don’t have to go very far to see examples of the most extreme side of sexist violence. Here are some examples of news published by EL ESPAÑOL in recent months:

They arrest an old man for tearing up his partner and throwing his remains into a container in Torrevieja

He murders his 35-year-old wife in Torrevieja and surrenders to the Civil Guard

The accused of slitting his partner’s throat in Planes assumes the crime: “I deserve the punishment that is imposed on me”

Shot with his Kalashnikov with the Police: this is how the alleged last sexist murderer has been arrested in Elche

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Self-defense, a non-aggressive weapon to physically and psychologically empower women in La Nucía