Sebastián Yatra spoke about his supposed intimate video leaked on the internet

Sebastián Yatra clarified the rumors about an alleged video of a sexual nature that is circulating on the networks. Is it about the singer? Here we tell you everything.

Sebastián Yatra talks about his supposed intimate video leaked on the internet | Source: diffusion

The singer, Sebastián Yatra, is involved in a scandal that has left all his followers and the internet speechless. Apparently the interpreter of “Red Heels” has been the protagonist of a video with sexual content, which has been leaked by different internet forums, which ensure that the person present in that clip is nothing more and nothing less than the Colombian musician.

Sebastián Yatra and his alleged leaked video

Recently, social networks exploded after an intimate video of singer Sebastián Yatra was apparently leaked.

Even many people, without the greatest respect for the singer, shared the clip without the greatest possible hesitation, stating that the protagonist of the audiovisual content was nothing more and nothing less than the interpreter of “How to look at you”.

It was not surprising that this type of content invaded social networks, since on previous occasions, other celebrities have been prey to such scandals, to the point of denigrating the artists involved in some alleged video of intimate content. But what did you say about it? Sebastian Yatra?

Sebastián Yatra and Antonio Orozco present

Sebastián Yatra declares about his alleged intimate video

About, Sebastian Yatra He has not remained silent and through his official Instagram account, he confirmed if said protagonist of the controversial video is about him.

The Colombian singer commented on his Instagram Stories that “the man” who appears in the audiovisual content is identical to him, but that he is obviously another person.

“Why is there a video by ** of a guy identical to me?” points out the description of the Instagram story of the renowned singer.

“I just saw a video by ** of a man identical to me and I wanted to comment”the singer said with a laugh in the video.

It seems that the alleged intimate video has not affected at all Sebastian Yatra. On the contrary, she takes it very calmly and humorously, as evidenced in the short video on her social networks where she comments on it without any shame accompanied by a group of friends.

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Sebastián Yatra spoke about his supposed intimate video leaked on the internet