Sebastián Villa was the starter despite the new complaint of sexual abuse and was whistled by Racing fans

the player of Boca Sebastian Villawho this Friday was denounced for sexual abuse and attempted homicide and who was prohibited from leaving the country this Saturday by the prosecutor investigating the case, was the starter in the triumph by penalties over Racingwhose fans whistled at the Colombian soccer player in each intervention.

The reproaches of the supporters of the Academy were felt since the striker went out to make the pre-competitive movements, on the Lanús playing field, where one of the League Cup semifinals was played.

In addition, in some passages of the game, the Racing fans dedicated songs to the player referring to the new complaint against him for sexual abuse and attempted murder.

Although Villa’s performance was not good, like that of the entire xeneize team, he hit his shot in the penalty shootout that gave Boca the pass to the final of the contest.

After scoring from the twelve steps, the soccer player celebrated in front of the supporters of the Academy putting his finger to his ear.

The prosecutor prohibited Villa from leaving the country

The prosecutor investigating Villa, after a young woman denounced him for sexual abuse and tried to hang her in his house in a private neighborhood in the Buenos Aires town of Canning, prohibited the player from leaving the country and for this Monday he summoned the complainant to ratify the accusation.

This is the second complaint received by the player from the Ribera clubsince he is awaiting the oral trial in the case that investigates him for gender-based violence against his ex-partner, Daniela Corteswho in April 2020 denounced him for injuries and threats.

According to judicial sources, the prosecutor Vanessa Gonzalezof the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) 3 of Esteban Echeverría, Specialized in Family and Gender Violence, Sexual Abuse and Crimes Related to Trafficking in Persons, also imposed a ban on approaching the victim and her family group. The decision was made in the last few hours by the representative of the Public Ministry and was endorsed by the Judge of Guarantees involved in the file.

The young woman must ratify the accusation this Monday from 9, at the headquarters of the UFI located in Güemes at 400, in the town of Monte Grande, after the brief presented this Friday in which she recounted the event that occurred on June 26 of 2021.

The case

According to the new complaint against Villa, the episode occurred in the house that the Colombian soccer player owns in the “Venado II” neighborhood of the town of Canning, in the southern area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs, hours after having participated in a barbecue attended by other players from the Boca squad.

The young woman explained that she met him at the beginning of 2020, when the soccer player was still in a relationship with Daniela Cortés, and considered him an “extremely violent and aggressive” person.

Regarding the night of June 26, 2021, the victim said that the soccer player had drunk “a lot of alcohol and more than one bottle of whiskey” and that he reproached him for, while they participated in the barbecue at the house of a teammate in Ezeiza , “had looked” at the footballers.

After having a strong discussion, Villa and the young woman left the place and went to the soccer player’s house with his security employee nicknamed “Vikingo” and a friend named Félix Benítez.

“At that moment, what was the worst situation of my life began,” said the young woman in her complaint, where she recounted that after being mistreated and beaten by Villa, she wanted to leave and, given that situation, the Boca striker lowered her pants, threw her on a bed and raped her.

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Sebastián Villa was the starter despite the new complaint of sexual abuse and was whistled by Racing fans