Sebastián Palacín’s video specialist: “He does not have a mental disorder, he is aware of what he is doing”

Sebastián Palacín published a controversial video on TikTok

Power, a word that many sexual abusers have in mind unconsciously to act with their victims. Sebastian Palacin, a 25-year-old man and son of the president of Indecopi, Julián Palacín, recorded a video for TikTok where he confessed that he sexually abused a woman who was drunk. The Public Ministry opened an investigation for alleged sexual abuse.

This topic created a lot of controversy, therefore, the psychologist Rosa Tenazoa talked with Infobae about what the young man expressed in his video and maintained that normally these abusers look for vulnerable people, people with whom they feel power and superiority, but that it is not part of a mental disorder.

“These offenders usually attack people who are vulnerable, for example children, drunken women or people with disabilities, because they have power over them. The one who is a rapist does not have a mental disorder, because he is not crazy, he is aware of what he does. Everyone has a sex drive, but the thing is how do you satisfy that sex drive? You’re not going to walk down the street, see any person, say you feel like doing it, and just act no matter what the person wants. It is the way in which each one expresses their sexuality”, he pointed.

On the other hand, he commented that the aggressors have the ability not to put themselves in the other’s shoes, in addition to seeing women as an object to satisfy their sexual desire and that taking it as a joke is a way of not accepting responsibility for their acts.

“Women are placed within a perspective that places them as an object for satisfaction, they are not placed as a person, there is not, from the psychological aspect, a facility to empathize or to generate a bond with another person. It doesn’t matter much what she thinks, but the opinion (of the aggressor) where the power game is very marked “said.

They pose this situation from a playful approach, they are not able to fully assume the blame, despite the fact that they are aware of what they are doing, but they are not capable of assuming their responsibility and share it with the victim, that is to say they blame herhe claimed.

Sebastián Palacín confessed rape on TikTok.

In the video, Sebastián is shown telling how his friend from school and he picked up two girls from a nightclub to take them home. As the story progresses, what stands out the most is the way he changes the words: ‘bed’ to ‘comrade’; ‘flaca’ for ‘flacurri’, etc.

To a certain extent, he is careful when speaking, because he used phrases in which he changes the words, that is, it is not a totally explicit language, he uses jargon to allude and he also uses some embellishments when speaking so that people know how to interpret it”highlights Tenazoa.

The video was published, but after a few hours it was deleted. The psychologist explained that it was a mistake on Palacín’s part, that is, she was aware of publishing it, but when she realized it got out of hand, she deleted it.

“Generally people who commit any of these events realize it and try to cover it up, but if he is not able to realize it, it means that he does not measure the consequences of his actions that is another characteristic (of an abuser), not projecting the consequences of your actions. That also speaks of a person who is immature, because when a person does something, they know that everything will have a consequence. It is having an immature perception of reality.”comment.

Deleting the video, he posted another apologizing if anyone was offended, revealing it was “a social experiment gone wrong.” All this explodes more because in recent weeks, events related to violence against women have been taking place.

“All of us, at this moment, are a little sensitive about the latest events that have occurred in recent weeks, because many news related to the violence against womenas in the case of 3-year-old girl who was raped in Chiclayo. To this we would have to add the bill for the chemical castration. He could have chosen to carry out another social experiment on the street to see the reaction of the people around him”stated

Sebastián Palacín confessed rape on TikTok and later assured that it was all a “social experiment” | VIDEO: TIKTOK

Thousands of people have seen this video and have shown their outrage, but, How does it affect women or girls who have already been abused before? According to Tenazoa, the fact that the victims observe this type of case causes them to ‘re-victimize’ themselves.

“Every time that act is commented on or seen in a video, what it does is revictimize the person, that is, relive what they lived before. People who have been victims of abuse feel offended, because no one understands their pain. To this is added that if it is counted as an esparto, it ends up being offensive “said.

Some people may have some ‘stereotype’ of how bullies look or are, but the truth is that it can be anyone, especially those who are more charismatic, kind and fun.

They can be very charismatic, kind and funny people, we do not necessarily have to have an image of an abuser with a stereotype, on the contrary, they seem very sociable and normal. By knowing the victim, they gain her trust and they can use that information to access and manipulate her, to isolate her. Once they begin to master the way she thinks and her mind, it becomes easier to control other aspects of her life..assured.

If you have a child at home, the psychologist recommends be wary of who parents leave their children with. In addition, it highlights that you must have good communication with them.

Children sometimes do not tell what happens to them, because they are afraid and think that they will not listen to them, but if parents are always open to say things or have a space of trust with their children, then they will express themselves morecommented.

On the other hand, Sebastián had published another TikTok where he accuses his father, Julián Palacín, of going out with the girl with whom he previously frequentedAccording to the specialist, this could explain the reasons for the confession.

“The context where you live is extremely important. A father can be a rapist or abuser, but not behave as such in the family, but in a dominant way with the children, this would imply that if he shows himself with that characteristic, the children could learn from the model (without the need to be rapists). ). With a mother or another figure that does not represent the same for the children, it would provide balance and another perspective to see things “ended.

Sebastián Palacín makes a revelation about his father.


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Sebastián Palacín’s video specialist: “He does not have a mental disorder, he is aware of what he is doing”