SDUSD will protect the reproductive rights of its students

SAN DIEGO – Chanting “When reproductive lives are under attack, what do we do? We fight back,” dozens of students showed up outside the San Diego Unified School District headquarters with one goal.

“Human rights and women’s rights and the ability to choose good decisions that help a person a woman must have the options she wants and if she does not have them it is not safe and we cannot ensure that people have rights without the ability to have an abortion,” said Zachary Patterson, a student in the San Diego school district.

This in the wake of a leaked draft of a Supreme Court ruling that would vote to overturn Roe V. Wade since 1973, and instead allow states to more strictly regulate or ban abortion altogether.

“Sex education and the importance of where we can talk about the ideas of a person’s expression, the ability to know the options, there are people who do not know basic information about sexual health,” Patterson said.

Young people who receive sex education are 15% less likely to experience an unwanted pregnancy.

State Leaders Mobilize to Protect Abortion Rights in California

So the San Diego Unified School District passed a resolution to protect reproductive rights.

“It is having sex education in schools that not only teach us how to use a condom, they teach us a banana, they put the condom there, but it is comprehensive, we talk about sex education, birth control,” Del Rio stressed.

Meanwhile, the reactions of some parents against the measure were immediate.

For their part, board officials said they want students to have support, we have trained professionals to provide quality education on sexual health.

“More than a necessity, it is a human right,” women gathered in downtown San Diego for the leak of a Supreme Court draft that suggests the end of abortion as a constitutional right.

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SDUSD will protect the reproductive rights of its students