Scandal in the Church for irregular sales of real estate

Scandal in the Church for irregular sales of real estate

The irregularities arose after a Vatican audit of the Archbishopric.

A scandal broke out in the Catholic Church. The Vatican recently detected irregularities in the sale of real estate by the Archbishopric of the City of Buenos Aires according to its internal jurisdictions. After an audit carried out in October, some facts were corroborated in a first report.

The arrival of this audit from Rome took place due to a series of complaints within the institution about suspicious real estate transactions with Church properties. This was possible in large part because Mario Poli, Francisco’s successor as archbishop of Buenos Aires (and appointed by himself), never put into operation the Economic Affairs Council, which should be in charge of supervising the transactions of the archbishopric, and that there was no constituted the College of Consultants (Clarion3/5).

Some first conclusions on the audit warn that the internal ecclesiastical regulations on property transactions were not complied with. The report also exhorts Poli to “limit himself to making the strictly necessary transactions”, since he is soon to turn 75, the “retirement” age of bishops. And he is called to attention by the paralysis of the accounts oversight bodies in the institution.

Then, it continues requesting the exclusion of Martín Bracht, parish priest of the Church of Palermo, from “commissions and responsibilities in administrative management”, since “a dubious transparency has been verified in his actions”. On this point it is worth mentioning that there is an internal explosion around the management of finances, and a firm suspicion of the Vatican to keep an eye on the Buenos Aires Archbishopric is that several members of the curia removed by Francis himself returned to the management of the accounts of the clergy under the “mandate” of Poli.

But in addition to all this, what really appears at the center of the scandal is that the archbishop of Buenos Aires is ordered “not to dispose of more assets from the archdiocese or from the parishes, which apparently has happened frequently in recent times.” An item of contention would be the sale of the “Casa del Catechista”, a building located at Guatemala 5600… in Palermo. Here, of course, Bracht appears in the line of fire. And it is that according to the regulations of the Church in Argentina, transactions with goods valued at more than 300,000 dollars must be consulted to the Vatican, which did not happen (Clarion3/5).

This corroborates, if necessary, that the Catholic Church is a nest of corruption. But also that as a religious institution it handles businesses like a company. Sale and purchase of real estate, rentals, parking lots, education and private health and other areas in which it operates and reports sidereal profits. The Archbishopric of the City is even the owner of Luna Park. And all facilitated by subsidies, exemptions and a real battery of tax facilities granted by the State.

In fact, the Metropolitan Cathedral does not pay the electricity service rate thanks to an ordinance of the military dictatorship sanctioned in 1978, which none of the subsequent governments declined. But this is just an example. The exemptions of Gross Income or ABL, or even the assignments of the State of land and fiscal real estate, which allow these businesses to proliferate, are also in order.

In 2018, the legislator of the Partido Obrero in the Frente de Izquierda, Gabriel Solano, presented bills to repeal all these benefits and separate the Church from the State, under the complaint that in the City there were 360 ​​properties owned only by the episcopate that They enjoyed tax exemptions in perpetuity. But the stumbling block ahead was, basically, an entire political regime unified by its taxes to this obscurantist and anti-rights institution, which they use to contain social discontent in impoverished neighborhoods where they have enormous interference.

That is why last year the legislator Amanda Martin, also from the Workers’ Party in the Left Front – Unity, returned to the fray with the edict to cut the privileges enjoyed by the clergy, encountering again the Peronist cajoneo , radicals and right-wingers. The Church and its rotten businesses are an indiscernible part of the entire regime that governs us, which is why the fight to end its tendal of facilities and benefits, as well as its interference in education, health and the entire social fabric to cut rights is a fundamental struggle against the capitalist system under a program of social transformation.

Only under these banners can we fight against clerical obscurantism for the rights of women and diversities, for the effective application of the right to legal abortion, for sexual education and everything that this same corrupt Church denies us.

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Scandal in the Church for irregular sales of real estate