Scandal in a Trelew neighborhood: a married couple attacked a neighbor with a broom and hair pull

A tenement fight broke out on Thursday night in the 290 Viviendas neighborhood of Trelew, specifically on staircase 13. The fight between a married couple and a young employee of the Metered Parking, escalated to such a point that it ended with threats of knives, brooms and clean blows.

According to police sources, the 24-year-old SEM employee was going to enter her house at 10 p.m. when she was rebuked on the stairs by a married couple who were waiting for her to reproach her for something, which is still unknown worse than the root cause of the discussion.

apparently heThe young woman ignored the reproaches and walked on, snubbing the enraged man and woman, causing them both to ask for control.

They accuse an employee of the Municipality of Trelew of “misusing funds” from the Metered Parking

It is not known if the SEM intern made a gesture to them that they did not like, but the fact is that the woman jumped on her and grabbed her by the hair, while the husband grabbed a broom and began to beat her.

The girl was trapped defenseless against the aggression of the couple, who was furious and would not let her go. The lady was waving her head from side to side, grabbing her by the hair, and at the same time the man hit her in the ribs with the broomstick.

Some neighbors who heard the screams and insults came out in defense of the victim, who was left paralyzed next to the stairs with heavy blows to the body.

As if that were not enough, the enraged aggressor went home and returned with a butcher knife ready to hurt anyone who got in her way.

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The neighbors, who did not understand what was happening, managed to calm the situation and reassured the woman. The victim ended up with broken ribs as a result of the broom sticks and had serious difficulties moving and breathing, according to the complaint.

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Scandal in a Trelew neighborhood: a married couple attacked a neighbor with a broom and hair pull