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A few months ago, a San Juan beauty center occupied the pages of provincial and national newspapers and magazines. The place, called eros for menwas promoted in various notes as “the first aesthetic only for men in San Juan offers healthy and recommended options to relax in a comfortable, well-cared space and with experienced professionals at your disposal.”

Everything was suddenly erased after the complaint of a former employee. The young woman, whose name is unknown, accused the owner of the place of forcing her into prostitution. For this reason, the 59-year-old woman and owner of the premises, named Lilian Patricia Coria, was arrested for “sexual exploitation.”

According to the complainant, Coria offered massages to the men who attended the place. But, the employees also had to perform different sexual practices. Everything happened in the Eros for men store, located at 18 (E) 25 de Mayo Street, in the City of San Juan.

The young former employee said that she worked for two months in the massage center but that when they hired her, they explained to her that she should only perform conventional massages. Finally, When she formalized her situation as an employee, she found out that there was a “list of special massages”.

According to what he stated before the court, when he complained to the owner, she would have replied: “You can do whatever you want. If you want to do them, do them. That way, you will earn more money at the end of the month.” For a time, the young woman agreed to do one of the so-called “special massages”.

The list

But, what were the different practices that the employees had to carry out with their hands on the bodies of the clients? According to the complaint, there were two types of massages in addition to conventional or sports. One is called “sensitive” and for this, the employee had to be bare-chested. “At the request of the clients, the women had to take off their shirt and their bra and perform the massage with their breasts in the air”said a police source.

Meanwhile, the other massages were called “complete”. This type of massage was one of the most requested by the regulars of the place. When they arrived at the place, they told the owner that they would choose that type of massage and also which of the employees they preferred to deal with. As stated in the complaint, the “full” massage included “oral sex and penetration”. Everything was done in the boxes.

According to the young complainant, for a few weeks, she had to agree to perform the “sensitive” massages because she had several debts to settle. Apparently, the girl had gone to live alone a short time ago and she urgently needed the money. Therefore, she agreed to perform half-naked massages. But everything went, precisely, out of her hands.

The now former employee began to be harassed by most of the clients. When she arrived at the box, the men began to insist that she agree to do other practices and not just take off her clothes. Some of them groped her, touched her breasts and some even touched her vagina and her tail.

As she did not receive any response from her boss, after resigning, the young woman made the corresponding complaint. She believes that there are many women who worked there who were sexually exploited by Coria. “The owner only pays them 30% of what they earn. Keeps most of the fare”He explained before the Justice.

On Sunday afternoon, the UFI prosecutor, Juan Manuel Gálvez, ordered a search of the premises. The police seized a netbook, a cell phone, seven flash drives, several new condoms, three notebooks, two receipts, two empty condom boxes and an alphabetical file, among other things. They believe that there are some videos of customers. They also found a used condom that was sent for expert examination. The businesswoman was arrested and would testify in the next few hours.

“The owner was the first to arrive, she opened everything and the movement began, although nothing strange. From time to time it was seen that some other client entered, but nothing unusual that made us think something bad, “said a neighbor of the aesthetic center.

In total, there would be 14 women who worked in the place and performed customer service tasks. The prosecutor in the case explained: “Prostitution is prohibited in any of its forms. At the time of the search there were no clients, I suppose because it was Sunday.” And he added: “At the time of the raid there were no men. The evidence will be seen to determine if they agreed to these practices for sexual purposes.”

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Scandal in a beauty center: complaints of prostitution and a list of “special” massages | New Web Journal | Santiago del Estero