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Understanding what satiriasis is

Satiriasis is the old concept that is used to refer to hypersexuality. It consists of a increased libido and sexual activity, which generates in those who suffer from it an extreme need, both in frequency and intensity, to obtain sexual pleasure. In this sense, it can become a addiction at the moment in which the person loses control over it and ends up obsessing. In these cases, the person experiences great discomfort and dissatisfaction if they are unable to practice sex and obtain the pleasure they need.

“Satiriasis” for men, “nymphomania” for women

Both men and women can suffer from hypersexuality. However, it receives different names for each sex. In the case of men it is called satiriasis and in the case of women, nymphomania. Although both refer to and are described under the concept of compulsive behavior towards sex. That is to say, both deal with a psychological disorder in which there is an obsession with sex coupled with a very high libido or sexual desire.

satiriasis - sexologo madridIn the case of men, some of the most common causes for which you may suffer satiriasis are:

      • Have been victim of sexual abuse in the childhood
      • To have low self-esteem
      • Abuse in the substance use
      • Consume of medication
      • Suffer sexual dysfunctions
      • Other genetic causes and / or organic

Symptoms to identify satyriasis

Generally, satiriasis is a behavior that is usually hidden since the person feels ashamed for having it. Therefore, the first of the signs that could be identified as a symptom is to hide the problem by shame. On the other hand, it is a disorder that generates great dissatisfaction and loss of control on the compulsive and repetitive behaviors adopted.

In this sense, it is most likely that the man seek to satisfy your sexual needs seeking, for example, sex with other people, consuming more pornography, practicing excessive masturbation or self-stimulation, etc.

On the other hand, at the cognitive level the most notable effect is the total loss of control over behaviors. The person is engulfed and trapped by constant sexual thoughts and fantasies. What generates emotions of guilt, frustration, anxiety and irritability, which will affect the different areas of the life of the sufferer.

satiriasis - sexologo madridWhen it becomes addiction

Compulsive behavior in sex life can turn into addiction

When this occurs, the sexual desire becomes a necessity uncontrollable to be satisfied. This need begins to cause great anxiety, and it is the compulsion that leads the person to increase sexual behavior. Due, sex it ceases to be something that is practiced for pure pleasure and happens to become an addiction, practiced out of necessity and without control.

What does the treatment consist of?

Treatment will always be aimed at managing to control all those compulsive fantasies and thoughts through different therapeutic strategies

The first thing to keep in mind is that when suffering from satiriasis the main problem, as mentioned above, is the inability to control sexual thoughts and behaviors. Therefore, the main starting point for its treatment and to reverse this compulsive behavior is learn to control anxiety caused by learning certain relaxation techniques and resources. Something to which a medication would be added if necessary.

Author: Clinical Team Madrid Institute of Sexology

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Satiriasis: what it is and how to identify it – Sexologist Madrid

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