Ricardo Crespo, former Garibaldi, is found guilty of sexual abuse against his daughter: this was his case

Ricardo Crespo It was convicted of sexual abuse younger. The former Garibaldi was sentenced to 19 years in prisonas announced on May 9 by the law firm Ramírez, Penilla Rubio Cuadra Abogados.

According to the press release, presented by the “First Hand” program, the lawyers of the affected minor reported that a judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City sentenced the actor and singer on May 3.

The document reserves the identity of the minor under the initials of VCR and states that Crespo was “found guilty of the crime of aggravated sexual abuse, committed continuously to the detriment of his daughter from 5 to 14 years old.”

Lawyers Olivia Rubio and Sergio Ramírez stated that they hope that VCR and his family can recover a full life after the court ruling.

The case of sexual abuse of Ricardo Crespo against his daughter

The authorities of Mexico City reported days after the arrest that Crespo “induced for several years a minor to perform sexual acts and witness pornographic content.”

In addition, he was accused before the Mexico City Sex Crimes Prosecutor’s Office of forcing his daughter into sexual acts such as touching private parts of the body, arguing that these were games between father and daughter.

Ricardo Crespo’s daughter talks about the abuse she suffered

“This video is difficult, but important to me. I experienced sexual abuse from my father since I was 5 years old, this was from 5 to 14 years old. October of last year, I decide to talk first with my mom, my grandmother and my brother. I tell them and ask them to please not do anything about it yet, “the young woman begins.

As a result of what she experienced, the young woman declared that she is going through psychological problems: “It cost me too much, it was not easy for me. Obviously to this day I come to think that it was my fault. I get to think about all that, many things that come to my mind, but you know, all those years that I had saved that were worse because I was killing myself inside alone”, he expressed.

Who is Ricardo Crespo?

Ricardo Crespo was part of the last generation of the Garibaldi group along with celebrities such as Paty Manterola and Sergio Mayer.

As for his work as an actor, he participated in productions of series and soap operas such as ‘El Dragón’, ‘Por amar sin ley’, ‘Un poco tú’, ‘Antes muerte que Lichita’, ‘Get on my motorcycle’ and ‘Control Z’.

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Ricardo Crespo, former Garibaldi, is found guilty of sexual abuse against his daughter: this was his case