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Neither Racing, nor Boca, nor Vélez nor San Lorenzo could straighten out the footballer’s career, diverted by excesses at 29 years old. A review of the events that undermined high performance.

Ricardo Centurion returned to star in scandal to the be absent repeatedly of practices in San Lorenzo and his future is unknown. Their questionable attitudes on and off the pitch have marked his football careerboth with the shirt of Mouth like Racing Y Velez. Below is a review of highlights of a life that no one could straighten out, not even the coaches.

First public scandal in Boca: Centurión starred in a multiple collision with flight in 2016

The emerged from Racingwith subsequent sale to Saint Paul from Brazil, arrived on loan for one year to Boca in mid-2016. A month after being confirmed as a reinforcement of the Xeneize, Centurión suffered a multiple traffic accident in Avellaneda: he hit three cars with his BMW and fled. When the police arrived at the scene, the player was no longer there. The different witnesses assured that it was the professional player and that he was intoxicated. Although he first tried to disassociate himself from the fact, He ended up admitting that he was driving, for which he was charged by the Justice for culpable injuries.

centurion accident 2016

Centurión, allegedly drunk in the concentration of Boca prior to a Superclásico in 2017

Before a match against River in 2017, a leaked video of Ricky trying to be contained by his peers in the corridors of the hotel in which the then campus directed by Guillermo Barros Schelotto did the concentration. Several media assured that he was out of his mind as a result of alcohol.

Centurión, allegedly drunk in the concentration of Boca prior to a Superclásico in 2017


Centurión, allegedly drunk in the concentration of Boca prior to a Superclásico in 2017

Centurión was denounced for gender violence in 2017

centurion It was denounced by his ex-girlfriend, Melisa Tozzi, for gender violence in May 2017 at the Quilmes Women and Family Police Station. The footballer’s ex-partner appeared to file her complaint. “He chipped three of my teeth and hanged me”he declared. “He doesn’t understand that I don’t want to be with him anymore and he gets aggressive”added to the exit of the Police Station.

Boca was going to buy Ricardo Centurión but a scandal in a bowling alley in Lanús made Xeneize desist

After a lightning trip to Italy, in which he was close to signing for Genoa, Centurión returned to Argentina because Boca had agreed to buy 100 percent of his pass. However, at night the footballer went to a bowling alley in Lanús, in which he participated in a conflict between groups and ended up leaving under police custody. The fact overwhelmed the patience of the leadership of the Xeneize that in the end decided not to bet on his pass.

Centurión, in Racing, tried to bribe the Police in 2018

In Mouth chose not to believe his promises, but Racing It gave him a chance to redeem himself. Nevertheless, centurion He had extra-sports problems again. One morning He was detained by the Police for crossing two red lights and refusing a breathalyzer control. To top, tried to bribe to the uniformed man so that it does not generate so much commotion: “If we can fix, I have to fix. I can cover you for the month. The van is not mine, it belongs to an agency“.

In 2018 in Racing, he tried to bribe the Police, who detained him for going through two red lights and not agreeing to undergo a breathalyzer test


In 2018 in Racing, he tried to bribe the Police, who detained him for going through two red lights and not agreeing to undergo a breathalyzer test

Centurión did not play a match with Racing and Víctor Blanco assured that it was because “he drank too much”

In 2018, for the first date against Atlético Tucumán, Centurion did not play. Although it was reported that he had a physical problem, it was his own WhitePresident of Racingwho came out to deny these versions and explain the mistake: “He drank too much and didn’t go to training on Saturday as he should have. You have to be aware and take care of your image, you have obligations to fulfill. Addictions are addictions, you have to be responsible. If you drink or go to bed late, the next day you don’t give up. Centurion made a mistake. You will go to the legal part to see the corresponding sanction. He is a player of Racing all day and all night. We love him very much, but one hundred percent. If not, he is not the player we went looking for.”.

From the push to Eduardo Coudet to the fight with a youth: two turbulent months for Centurión in Racing

In February 2019 there was a Spicy cross between Coudet and Centurion in full match between River and Racing in the Monumental. Chacho called Centu to make him enter the field of play 20 minutes into the second half. In the stands he rumbled the step on it now the p… that gave birth to youin relation to the cross between the player from the Academy and Enzo Perez in the duel of Libertadores Cup from the previous year.

At the edge of the field, Coudet approached Centurion and began to give him orders. The player, visibly upset, he shoved it off him. Then, he bit his lower lip, implying his dissatisfaction with having so few minutes of play. Racing separated him from the professional squad after what happened and then lowered him to the Reserve. Two months later, he took fist bumps with a partner in a category training.

The midfielder, who would not have arrived in good condition at practice, discussed with the juvenile Juan Cáceres and the exchange of words became greater. It all started with Centurion’s jokes to his companions until Cáceres couldn’t stand them anymore and responded with a blow. At first, Ricky didn’t understand the reaction; then he went looking for him and they clashed again until the other players separated them.

Centurion’s push to Coudet


Centurion's push to Coudet

Ricardo Centurión, involved in a serious complaint of sexual abuse at a party with Vélez players in 2020

Country Camino Real

Initially, Thiago Almada, Miguel Brizuela, Juan Martin Lucero and Ricardo Centurion were formally imputed for sexual abuse in a cause that originated at the end of 2020, after a party in which several players from Velez on the house of the former Independent.

In her statement, the 28-year-old victim explained that she agreed to have consensual sexual relations with Almada and then entered the room Brizuelaeven though she didn’t want to. Everything happened in the Country Camino Real, located in the Buenos Aires town of San Isidro, very close to the Pan-American highway.

Although they had been related to the scene of the event, later all were removed from the case, except the former technician Juan José Acuña, the main defendant.

Coins worked in the coordination of youth divisions of Defense and Justice since 2010, he directed the Reserve and was even interim coach of the First team when Carlos Ramacciotti left his position with the team in the B National.

It was there, in Florencio Varela’s ensemble, that he met Lucero, who at that time was carrying out his career in the Halcón. Also, in 2016, he was coach of Argentine from Quilmesa club he managed for just over three years.

According to the record, once the victim was found unconscious in bed with signs of having been abused and her friend screaming for help, all the concurrent to the place decided to leave. The only ones who stayed were bright Starwhat called 911, along with the victim and her friend.

Due to what happened, the leadership of Vélez activated a protocol against Gender Violence and decided to disaffect those involved in the match that the then Mauricio Pellegrino team played against Patronato in Paraná, for the group stage of the Diego Maradona Cup.

The reappearances of the soccer players, meanwhile, occurred in Chile against Universidad Católica with a Lucero’s dying goal to advance to the semifinals of the South American Cup. After the meeting, centurion decided to express his joy through social networks with a photo of the four embraced in the locker room and the following message: “in all, puppies“.

Publication of Centurión in Vélez

A 2022 full of misses: the tense relationship between Centurión and San Lorenzo

Ricardo Centurion - San Lorenzo

This Monday, Centurión missed for the second consecutive day without notice or communication with the club and his situation begins to be seriously analyzed by the club. There were several times that the former Racing, Boca and Vélez were absent without permission from the practices: already during the cycle Peter Troglio there were several episodes, although at the time they had not come to light.

Now, since he is Fernando Beron as interim, Centurion did not go for the third time: Already in the previous match against Unión he had missed a practice, which earned him the exit of the call. On Saturday he was back on the bench and entered to play the second 45 minutes of the defeat against Patronato, but after that was deleted from two consecutive workouts.

Ricky arrived in San Lorenzo on loan from Vélez, where he was not going to be taken into account. The assignment it is until the end of the year but his misconduct could lead the leadership to think about an early termination of the contract. A priori, the club could not do it unilaterally, but it could due to breaches of the footballer’s obligations. In these days, the leadership will evaluate what it will end up doing.

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