Reports of sexual harassment and abuse in Fine Arts increase

In the last days, complaints have increased filed in the Prosecutor’s Office against at least three teachers accused by Fine Arts students of sexual harassment and abuse. The student group that disclosed these serious events has also assured; that other teachers knew what was happening and never did anything to prevent it.

Day by day there are dozens of complaints that the Prosecutor’s Office has received against at least three teachers of the institute; identified as Camilo Capote, José Fener Castaño and Juan Diego Monsalvo; however, also there are at least nine other teachers accused in all faculties for harassment and sexual abuse against underage and overage students.

With banners, murals and stories, he exhibitedThese inside and outside the institute, the students have demonstrated with a voice of rejection to say no more.

Given this, a large inter-institutional team was formed made up of lawyers, psychologists, spokespersons for the theatrical union, who accompanies these students today so that their voices are heard.

“Based on the sexual crimes that occurred at the Departmental Institute of Fine Arts; the students of the Faculty of Performing Arts have formed a support group; in order that heThe victims continue in their complaint process before the prosecutor’s office; since we have a legal group that is supporting us in this process,” said Gabriela Rodríguez, spokeswoman for the Weaving Fire Movement.

Likewise, Elmer Montaña, lawyer for the Fine Arts students, stated that they will not allow the facts to go unpunished; Therefore, legal action will be taken against the accused teachers and also against those who, having knowledge of this, remained silent.

“We are going to initiate legal, criminal and disciplinary actions against the directors and teachers who are aware of these facts; not only refrained from acting to prevent them from continuing to be carried out but have persecuted the victims, frightening them; denying them, harassing them, so that they do not file complaints with the Prosecutor’s Office”

Due to these facts, for several weeks there are no classes in Fine Arts, after the students declared themselves in an assembly because the teachers who had been denounced on several occasions continued to teach them. The teachers also decided to stop because according to them, They had no guarantees to work.

“We want to go back to school, but first, we demand from the institution that the teachers who, knowing the facts, acted in a negligent manner, be removed from their positions; also those who have been part of the revictimization process and we demand security guarantees so that they are not threatened, persecuted or revictimized for having filed their complaints.

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Among the complaints that are already in the Prosecutor’s Office is the one filed by the rector of Fine Arts, COnsuelo Bravo against the teacher Camilo Capote for harassment, however, it has not been possible to speak with her.

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Reports of sexual harassment and abuse in Fine Arts increase