Reports of child sexual abuse increase by 496%

A report issued by the Citizen Council for Security and Justice of Mexico City reported that they increased by 496 percent the allegations of sexual abuse childish. The statistics in this document, called Believe them, they always tell the truthreveals why it is so difficult for victims to report this kind of violence.

According to the report, the Figures for child sexual abuse in Mexico they went from 80 complaints in 2020 to 477 in 2021. Here, it is identified that 7 out of 10 cases are perpetuated by a relative of the victimwith 72% of the incidents occurring in the home of this.

Salvador Guerrero Cyprus, president of the organization, highlights the need to believe the boys and girls. He is a crime with a high degree of impunity and it is necessary to promote reporting strategies that hold the aggressors accountable, it states the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims (CEAV).

It is important to note that 27% of the victims do not file complaints due to lack of family support and 4% for fear of the aggressor in question. This shows the effect that environments can have on people who are vulnerable to this type of violence. The figures were compiled through the analysis of cases handled by security lines, where 20% of calls they were only looking for psychological support.

To deal with this type of violence, it is important to promote a series of factorswhich aim to prevent child sexual abuse. Among these are the easy access to effective and coordinated justice, quality physical and mental care, as well as social services aware of the specific needs of children. Similarly, it is necessary improve professional training dedicated to the evaluation and psychological intervention of the victims.

Similarly, it would be vital promote public awareness of child sexual abuse. Also, it is recommended the implementation of mechanisms for early detection of these situations and the education of minors to improve their self-protection are fundamental factors to minimize this problem.

According to the Basic material guide for professional training published by save the childrenexist multiple factors that favor the dynamics of exploitation and sexual abuse childish. Is essential pay attention to physical, psychological and emotional health of minors, as well as taking the necessary measures to ensure the prevention of any type of violence.


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Reports of child sexual abuse increase by 496%