It is 2020-2021 course It has undoubtedly been the most intense for the sex education team. The online format has favored our training to spread throughout the entire Spanish territory. We have traveled virtually through Catalonia, Madrid, Galicia, Melilla and also to Chile.

We have “stepped on” the classrooms of schools and institutes in Catalonia and Madrid and we have focused especially on the special education schools where the presence is indisputable.

The online demand has led us to create a virtual school that was launched in January with the course “Sexuality and love in education.” This 100% online training of 20 hours of duration, has carried out 5 editions during this course offering 20 places per edition filling all editions. Is approved by the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the welcome and evaluations have been splendid.

At the request of some primary care social services, teaching teams, women’s care centers, leisure and free time groups and residential centers for educational action We have created a supervision service for work teams in order to create a space for analysis and reflection on the sexual education needs that are found in their daily activities.

Our special collaboration with the Faculty of Education of the University of Barcelona and participation in the Postgraduate in Lactation and Human Milk Donation it moves us especially.

The most demanded workshops during this course and that we have carried out to the entire educational community (students, families and teachers) have been:

Faculty: “Sexuality and love in education” VI edition from September 1 to 30, Registration open from August 16!

Childish: “How to accompany sexuality during early childhood”

Primary: “How to prevent sexual abuse in minors”

High school: “Sexuality, minors and screens”.

Special education schools: “How to accompany the sexuality of people with functional diversity”

Women: “Sexuality and menopause”

Mixed groups: “100,000 kisses later”

Maternity and breastfeeding: “When Eros gets lost”

Here you can see all our formations.

If you want us to carry out training in your educational center, entity or service on sexual education, good relations, violence prevention and / or coeducation, Send us an email to and we will send you the training catalog for the next course 2021-22

All this has been possible thanks to the sex education team, the creations of Matria Communication and to the trust that you continue to place in this project that we love so much.

Thank you from the heart for the trust and for making it possible.

Scope of our workshops during the 2020-21 academic year.

Number of participating students: 9345, primary, ESO, Baccalaureate and PQPI

Number of workshops and talks aimed at cloisters: 22

Number of talks and family schools: 155

Leisure and free time schools: 4

Equality Spaces: 5

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