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I have told you many times about premature ejaculation…but there are always new topics related to this male problem! That’s why today I want to talk to you about what happens when the couple “stays halfway” or, basically, how to act if you ejaculate too quickly. Let me tell you a little story as an example:

Manuel is 38 years old and has always realized that his sexual relations ended too soon. He felt that he hardly gave him time to enjoy himself and that the girls he was with, although they did not complain, were not entirely satisfied.

A couple of years ago he started a relationship with Maria. María is a person who is very clear about what she wants in her life: a stable relationship and having children. Her self-confidence also leads her to sex and that is why, although in her first sexual encounter with Manuel she decided not to say anything to him so as not to hurt him, on the second occasion she clearly stated it to him: «Manu, I haven’t finished, continue» he told him.

Manuel was surprised and replied “How? if I have already finished».

«Good nuance, YOU, I do not and I do not plan to stay halfway».

Manuel, stunned, answered the first thing that crossed his mind.eza “No one I’ve been with has complained,” he recriminated.

To which very wisely Maria replied «I don’t care about the others, nor if they dared to tell you what they thought. If the sex between us is not going to be for the enjoyment of both, I prefer to leave it now»

Manuel had no choice but to “get his act together” and, long before deciding to seek therapeutic help, he learned how to masturbate María and give her wonderful oral sex.

They both enjoyed it much more, obviously. Although after a few months Manuel saw my masterclass “How to put an end to premature ejaculation problems” and, in the first session of my therapeutic program, he told me this story.

Has something similar happened to you? It is usually a common conflict in couples and that is why I have created my video for this week.

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…and now yes, inside video! I hope you share it with your friends because we all find ourselves in situations like this at some point.

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QUICK EJACLE, now what? How to act after PREMATURE EJACULATION – Sexperimentando

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