Pseudo-aphro natural honey!

The infinite range of natural and traditional aphrodisiacs * has just been enriched by a new deception driven by greed to the detriment of health via the perverse vector of naivety: natural aphrodisiac honey!

All means are good to awaken the male fantasy of erectile power, traditions have amply filled the endless catalog of aphrodisiacs, testifying to the ancestral male anxiety of impotence, which I have described at length in The Words of Sex *. The artillery of Cupid or that of Venus is full of these expedients of desire known for their warming virtues which, from then on, were forbidden to women. Traditionally, in our regions, animals, testicles of lamb, bull or ram, love affairs – bone marrow – or the brain, were known (we can note that all these terms are feminine) to restore power to members who no longer had it. In the marine world, that of Venus the goddess of love, all seafood is also considered aphrodisiac, and especially the oysters that Casanova called “the spurs of the spirit and of love”. In his memoirs, entitled Story of my life, he claims to taste about fifty each morning! The spices then traditionally have the same virtues, pepper of course but also peppers, garlic, cinnamon, anise, cloves … and of course the savory that was formerly called satyr grass. But none of these foods showed objective aphrodisiac properties.

However, we must add to this catalog the truffle, praised as well by Sade, George Sand and Napoleon, which aroused so many fantasies to the point of having generated a proverb: “Who wants to live virtuous abstains from the truffle”! This was not wrong since modern biology has revealed substances close to androgens in the truffle, which allows us to better understand the motivation of the sow to unearth this curious fungus stuffed with male hormones.

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Whatever the tradition, the aphrodisiac virtues often seem to respond to a principle of analogy of form with the failing or coveted organ. This is how eel, asparagus or fennel, but also rhinoceros horn, compete in phallic forms with the roots of ginger or mandrake in which we can imagine legs and a penis. In the Far East the fruit of sin is venerated for the same virtues, because of the analogy of its slit with the sex of the woman. As regards the proven reality of their aphrodisiac virtues, traditional remedies have not really shown any – not even the wood bandage of the Antilles – in particular on male sexual difficulties, erectile disorders, with the exception of the extract. of cantharide, a beetle widespread in the Mediterranean basin whose extract, in powder form, has real erectogenic properties, quite simply by major irritation of the pelvic and urinary spheres, but beware it is simply cardio toxic and fatal to a very low dose!

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Mandrake roots, we see a homunculus

So when the Internet windows offer an aphrodisiac honey, one can reasonably wonder. For thousands of years, honey has been recognized thanks to the nutritional or curative qualities of its derivatives, such as pollen, royal jelly, propolis… with antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The multiple benefits of apitherapy are well known, but not its aphrodisiac properties. However, for a few years now, aphrodisiac honeys have multiplied on the Internet with amazing properties that do not come from their only alleged composition: pure, natural honey.

The General Directorate for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) and the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) are now warning against these honeys and jellies posing as “natural aphrodisiac” products, in reality containing active ingredients, mainly sildenafil (Viagra®) and tadalafil (Cialis®) allowing to understand the true erectile properties that they present, but exposing their users to possible “effects serious undesirable effects ”because they are substances with a powerful vasodilator power and contraindicated for many people.

Out of commercial interest alone, and by using the “natural” argument as a health guarantee, these firms thus market active molecules which are only authorized for sale in France on medical prescription insofar as they are dangerous for certain patients. We must recognize the decisive character of the argument of “natural”: “Our honey comes from a selected blend of herbs from the rainforest, tongkat ali, ginseng, nutritious honey enriched with vital biomolecules and bee larva” which acts as a formidable reassurance factor, which wins the decision, as in the ad below: “I buy! “

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Wise advice : consume honey without moderation, but beware of so-called “aphrodisiac” honeys, especially from two brands, Black Horse Honey and Jwater down Power.

* Words of sex by Philippe Brenot, ed. Spirit of the Times

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Pseudo-aphro natural honey!

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