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The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating a complaint of sexual abuse of children that apparently occurred on April 26 at a private school in Lambaré. The alleged victim is a 6-year-old boy, while the alleged perpetrator would be a 15-year-old adolescent, who would have acted in complicity with two other of his classmates of the same age.

The investigation of the alleged commission of punishable acts of sexual abuse in children is headed by the prosecutor of Lambaré, Miriam Rodríguez, who has already opened a folder for the purpose. The Codeni and the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC) were also informed of the fact. The lawyer Elber Caballero assumed the representation of the affected family.

“I received the complaint on the afternoon of April 29 from the victim’s mother about the case that occurred in one of the school bathrooms,” said prosecutor Rodríguez.

The Public Ministry agent pointed out that it was the mother of the child under 6 who did the first steps before filing the complaint and that later the Public Ministry activated the action protocol in the event of the violation of children’s sexual rights.

“The minor was restrained by a psychologist from the Victims Assistance Center of the Public Ministry and later we joined the school for the purpose of extracting the recordings from the closed circuit cameras. Likewise, the Ministry of Education and Sciences and the Codeni were notified of the alleged commission of punishable acts of sexual abuse in children, as required by the inter-institutional protocol in these cases, ”explained the fiscal agent.

Prosecutor Rodríguez reported that so far the alleged perpetrator of the crime has not been identified, as well as the companions who allegedly acted as a “bell”, while carrying out the despicable act. The evidence they tell is the story that the child gave his mother about what happened on that occasion.

The revelation of the sexual abuse that the minor under 6 years of age was the victim of by a teenager inside the private school that works in Lambaré unleashed the indignation of the parents of the students who study in said educational institution.

It also emerged that the authorities of the school where the incident occurred did not inform the corresponding authorities of the case to intervene.

Lawyer criticizes delay for delivery of required data

The lawyer Elber Caballero, representative of the family affected by the event, explained to ABC that the first procedure was precisely to request the copy of the closed circuit of the school, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the day of the event. But the school sent the images taken from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. to the Public Ministry, despite the fact that between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. the crime would have occurred. “Consequently, the Ministry established the institution in search of the closed circuit,” he explained.

The lawyer added: “Likewise, the school was asked to register the students to check the name given by the child, but the school did not send what was required.”

Caballero complained about the little collaboration of the institution. “We had to ask the prosecutor’s office to notify the MEC because the school did not even activate the protocol called an inter-institutional intervention guide for dealing with cases of violation of sexual and reproductive rights. This protocol requires schools to report immediately, but this did not happen.

The lawyer indicated that on March 31 there was already an approach of the three suspects with the child. They told the creature that they would be his protectors, that they would take care of any child that could bother him, but that for this he had to comply with instructions.

One of the instructions was to bury a seed in the courtyard and the second was to steal something from the house to also bury it in the school. So the boy brought a toothbrush.

When the mother found out about this, she reported what was happening to the school and asked to identify the students who approached her son. The authorities promised that they would review the images from the security camera and that they would identify them, but none of that happened, the legal professional denounced.

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Prosecutor investigate} alleged sexual abuse of a child in a school in Lambaré – Nationals – ABC Color