Problems between the British royal family and it is not for Harry or Meghan

Kate Midletton and Prince William have always been close to the affections of Queen Elizabeth II, who will have to define who gets the property, whether they or Princess Eugenie and her family.

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It was leaked to the press that after an exhaustive search for a location outside of London, the dukes of cambridge they would have decided on Adelaide Cottage, within the Windsor complex and very close to where you currently live Isabel II. The only problem is that prince andrewWilliam’s uncle, refuses to leave his house because he wants it for his daughter, princess eugeniewho is also interested in the property.

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The Duke of York firmly believes that his daughters should not be treated any differently from William and Harry, even though they do not work for the royal family.a source told the newspaper. DailyMirror. Eugenia, 32 years old, her husband, Jack Brooksbankand her baby, August, live in Frogmore Cottagea property that currently belongs to the prince Harry and Meghan Marklewith whom they have an excellent relationship.

“No preferences”, asks Prince Andrew

Supposedly Princess Eugenie wants her own home and wants to stay in Windsor because it would allow her to stay close to her parents, the prince andrew Y Sarah Ferguson. “Eugenia had been interested in the property for some time.“and Prince Andrew”I was trying to make sure they gave it to him” Before his famous sexual abuse scandal began, the same one that closed with a monetary agreement, the source added to the British medium.

The truth is that although Princess Eugenia is also very dear to Elizabeth II, the Cambridges would have priority over her in order of heirs. Another source told The Sun what “Adelaide Cottage seems to be the only and the best option as there are problems in the other houses, so Adelaide is the favorite for the family of Prince William”.

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Problems between the British royal family and it is not for Harry or Meghan