Priest and teacher was denounced for sexual abuse of a 12-year-old boy

May 2, 2022 – 00:08

A new case of sexual abuse ecclesiastical was denounced at the end of last year. The victim complainant today is 32 years old and the alleged acts of abuse occurred between 2002 and 2003 when he was 12. The incident was reported in the First Judicial District but as they occurred in Recreo, La Paz, the case was transferred to that District. Last February, the prosecutor of Recreo, Jorgelina Sobh, sent the case for prescription of criminal action to file, the lawyers representing the complainant opposed the resolution and, among other jurisprudence and background, pointed to the case of the priest Moisés as a precedent. Pachado. The Pachado case was reported in 2018 in Belén and the events took place in 1997, the victim was also a girl at the time of the events.

The denounced priest, will not be identified for now, is currently a parish priest in one of the churches in the city and is a teacher in one of the confessional schools.

The lawyers representing the victim, Ariel Díaz Sosa and Sebastián Ibáñez, will present today the opposition to the resolution of the prosecutor Jorgelina Sobh.

El Ancasti agreed to the complaint made by the victim in which he relates the abuses suffered by the priest.

The facts

The young man denounced that the defendant was a close friend of his former stepfather’s family. When he was 12 years old, the priest asked his mother to give him permission to accompany him to the city of Recreo, since, at that time, he was designated there.

His mother agreed because of the trust that existed in the family. Already in Recreo, they had dinner and to her astonishment her priest gave her alcohol to drink, and they both drank drinks, then each one lay down in a bed. She said that there at one point in the night the priest crossed over to his bed and began to touch his private parts. He was shocked that he only did what the priest told him to do. “He told me not to be afraid, not to say anything and that he was going to take care of me, adding that during that weekend he did the same thing twice, that that was the first time and the next day he didn’t say anything to me and He acted as if everything was normal. Then, when I returned to this city only several days later, I decided to tell my sister, but since my mother was not in good health, I decided not to tell anything,” said the victim.

He said that the events continued in the other trips he had to make to accompany him. “The same thing happened, that is, he gave me alcohol and then he abused me, adding to his abuses the carnal access to me, who always acted the same, we had dinner, he gave me alcohol and he always abused me at night, which in total there must have been about 10 trips I made with him to Recreo”, he pointed out,

“He always told me that he was going to take care of me, that please don’t say anything about what he did to me and that he loved me very much,” he said in the complaint.

Finally, he said that the abuses occurred on trips that he had to make because of what also occurred in the towns of Chumbicha and Aconquija. “He was never aggressive with me physically or verbally and that for the outside he was a correct person, as well as he should be a priest,” said the young man.


He said that the events ended in 2003, “but because I stopped accompanying him on his trips and the reason for my refusal to say enough was produced, since also in 2003 I told a brother of my ex-stepfather, (…) who was also a priest and has now passed away.”

He said that after telling him what he lived with the priest, he did not find help, on the contrary, this priest also abused him, although it was only once.

Finally, the young man said in the complaint that he remained silent during all this time, all these years “first because of my mother to take care of her and second because I thought they would not believe me, especially because of the investiture of my defendant and the other man who died, since they are both known and respected people,” said the young man.


The priests denounced and investigated in Catamarca: Renato Rasguido, the case was brought to trial for the third time. Rasguido is accused of four acts of sexual abuse that occurred between 2012 and 2013. He was denounced and charged in 2014. He was never detained. Pachado: Last November, the Court of Appeals rejected a defense statute of limitations. Pachado is accused of two acts of sexual abuse that occurred between 1997 and 2000. Cura Gutiérrez, convicted. (See separate).n

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Priest and teacher was denounced for sexual abuse of a 12-year-old boy