Premature ejaculation: the five causes that cause it

Premature ejaculation is solved with Sexual Therapy

Premature ejaculation It has several causes that we will explain in this document.

Saving the differences of age, education and life experience, we can say that all men (as well as women) have been educated and have grown up in a family environment where sexuality has been, habitually, in the field of taboo, that is to say , sexual issues were hidden or concealed and there was no natural atmosphere about it.

Premature Ejaculation Cause 1. Sexual learning.

Everything related to the experiences of masturbation or autoeroticism is usually performed and experienced in secret, in a sneaky way, with discomfort in many cases and, fundamentally, quickly.

The first cause that explains why an adult man ejaculates very quickly, especially during intercourse or vaginal penetration, is the repetition, throughout his life, of masturbation experiences where speed is considered an advantage. Repeated in this way, over and over again, it gets the body used to this pattern or sequence. When you want to last longer, the body betrays you and repeats, once again, this sequence of speed. Premature ejaculation is practically inevitable.

Premature ejaculation Cause 2. The excessive genitalization of your body.

The second cause that explains the difficulties in controlling male ejaculation lies in the excessive genitalization of the body and the male erotic. Any caress, kiss, touch, hug made with the partner translates into genital arousal. As if the genitalia were a “battery” or accumulator of sexual tension and were being charged, with which, when the moment of intercourse arrives, it is very difficult to avoid the point of orgasm. And it explodes like an irrepressible volcano.

From sexual biology, this should not be exactly like that since it is not something natural or physiological but the result of incorrect learning. We can say that, in general, men have not developed the bodily erotic capacity. They have only uncovered the genital area and overstimulated it with the frustrating results we are seeing later.

Premature ejaculation Cause 3. A biological tendency to speed.

The third cause is rather biological. Man, as a “male” of the human species, like the rest of “males” of any species of mammal, has a biological tendency to ejaculate quickly. This is due to a purely reproductive mechanism that establishes this trend of speed to favor the emission of semen in the vagina and achieve reproduction. Therefore, what is a reproductive biological advantage becomes a disadvantage in male sexuality as a couple when it is desired to lengthen the playing time and delay the moment of ejaculation.

Despite this bad news and, from the point of view as a sexologist, I understand that this biological part corresponds to only 10% as a direct cause of premature or rapid ejaculation in an adult man. And that 90% are due to incorrect sexual learning factors that we have already mentioned.

Premature Ejaculation Cause 4. A phallocratic sexual model.

Premature ejaculation: the 5 causes that cause it 1
Premature Ejaculation usually resolves itself in a few months. Ask for help and suffer no more.

The fourth cause has a lot to do with the existence of a phallocratic sexual model. In other words, the belief that sexual intercourse unfolds, after brief preliminaries, in arousal centered on genital, intercourse or penetration and in achieving orgasm during it.

It is a model of sexuality that generates anxiety, obligation, concern for performance and, in addition, lack of control over the arousal process. Those who are concerned with giving pleasure are not paying attention to the signals emitted by their body or in contact with it and, with all certainty, they will suffer from anomalies or sexual difficulties due to this cause.

Premature ejaculation Cause 5. Quick first sex.

If to this we add that, generally, as a consequence of the sexual taboo, the first sexual relations have been done in a hidden way, without a quiet and adequate place, with misinformation and fear and, again, quickly to finish soon and not be surprised by the parents or bothered by anyone who passes near the car (when they are lucky to have vehicle), since we have already managed to become an adult man with the sexual difficulty of premature ejaculation.

By understanding the mechanisms that cause this difficulty, we are in a better position to find the solution to it. As usual sex therapy it gives very good results in a short period of time that does not usually exceed three months of treatment.

If you have this problem or your partner suffers, you can go to consultation with Fernando Villadangos in Granada, a clinical psychologist specializing in Sexology who has been treating these types of problems effectively for almost 30 years. Find out without obligation and with complete confidentiality and trust.

It is important to remember that premature ejaculation problems are actually erotic learning difficulties combined with anxiety and fear of it happening again. Anything that decenters and worries a man about his own body is only going to worsen his control over his orgasm. That is why it is important to know the necessary sexual information, accept and understand one’s own male sexuality and perform the erotic tasks that Sexology offers for its effective solution.



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Premature ejaculation: the five causes that cause it

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