Practicing Kegel exercises helps prevent a multitude of sexual problems. Discover them here.

When it comes to preventing certain sexual problems there are some practices that we can carry out. An example of these are the kegel exercises.

Known for strengthening the pelvic floor of women who have given birth, they also have a number of incredible benefits for men and can help you prevent sexual dysfunctions.

Enjoying sexual health is a precious commodity for which we feel quite grateful, since when it disappears or is affected we feel somewhat sad and confused.

Having in your knowledge useful tools to prevent these situations is possible. An example of these are the kegel exercises.

In today’s article we will tell you what they are, how they help us and a little training. Join us!

What are Kegel exercises?

It was the year 1940 when the prestigious doctor of gynecology Arnold H cone invented revolutionary exercises to strengthen the weakened pelvic floor of women who had given birth.

They were based on a training focused on a specific muscle: the pubococcygeus. These movements seek to exert greater control over the bladder.

In the first instance, they were only applied to female patients. Subsequently, certain doctors through some trials verified the efficacy that they could obtain in men with erectile dysfunction problems, premature ejaculation or urine leakage.

How can kegel exercises help us?

The pubococcygeus has several important bodily functions. In the first place, it is in charge of stopping or giving way to urine, but at the same time it partially controls erection and ejaculation. In such a way that a weak and little worked muscle can mean the difference between starting to suffer some type of male sexual health problem or not.

For this reason, if we begin to exercise control over this area, we will be achieving greater control over those possible sexual dysfunctions that affect many men.

What are the main benefits of doing Kegel exercises?

Adding Kegel exercises to your healthy routine can be tremendously positive. Among the most prominent benefits are:

  • They improve our mood.
  • They achieve long-lasting erections of a superior quality.
  • Increase ejaculation control.
  • They can prevent urinary incontinence.

How are Kegel exercises performed?

The time has come to leave a series of exercises, suggestions and recommendations.

It should still be noted, the ease of doing them once you have adopted the dynamics. You can practice at work, office, home and almost anywhere you can think of.

  • We’ll start with a set of few reps that you feel comfortable with. In this part we will make contact with the pubococcygeus muscle. To locate it, it will be enough to stop a urination while you are urinating. At the moment of the pause, a contraction of a very specific area will be exerted. That is the pubococcygeus.
  • Contract the pubococcygeus 10 consecutive times, every 60 minutes and for about 12 hours a day. (A specified period of one month)
  • Example: Over the course of 31 days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. you should perform 10 muscle contractions every sixty minutes.
  • The importance of doing them with great care and without sudden movements should be added. In addition, we should not help ourselves with the buttocks or the movement of any other muscle than the one we are toning.
  • We will perform four daily sessions in which we will do 15 contractions. You can locate them in the morning, afternoon and evening.

As we recommend in all kegel exercises, we must be careful and treat our body with love, respect and dedication.


Leading a satisfying sex life is necessary to feel full, happy and fulfill ourselves as people.

Our condition as humans makes us fall into some moments of trouble. However, by doing a little bit of our part we can prevent some diseases or at least lessen their impact.

If you need help, experts in male sexuality agree on the importance of having a quick and accurate diagnosis. Since the sooner we break down a trouble and we know its roots before we can recover.

If you think you suffer erectile dysfunction We invite you to complete the free online test that you can find below this article. It only takes two minutes!

See you soon!

Article validated by Juan Manuel Martinez Preciado, Surgeon with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Sexology, member of the Boston Medical Group international medical management group.

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Practicing Kegel exercises helps prevent a multitude of sexual problems. Discover them here.

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