Pending expert reports did not allow the accused of sexual abuse to be formalized. – The Rancaguino

In this Friday’s edition, we tell you that Carabineros from the Rancagua First Commissioner, after an investigative work with the Regional Prosecutor’s Office, arrested a subject for the crime of robbery with intimidation and sexual abuse.

It was the victim, a 38-year-old adult woman, who reported that on Monday, April 18, she was approached by an adult subject while she was walking along Avenida Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins, from the Regional Hospital to the downtown area of ​​Rancagua. The subject intimidated her with a knife, stripping her of her belongings and subsequently abusing her.

Last Thursday, Carabineros of the IAPA of the Rancagua First Commissioner carried out various investigative procedures, identifying the perpetrator of the crime, proceeding to arrest him in the Campamento Trapiche sector of Rancagua.

They also managed to recover the species stolen from the victim. Species belonging to other alleged victims were also found on the subject, since he had in his possession bank cards and identity documents of different people.

In coordination with the Criminal Analysis and Investigative Focus Unit of the Public Ministry, the owners of these species will be contacted and thus be able to prove other crimes to the person accused of this crime.

According to what was disclosed by the Prosecutor, Carlos Fuentes, after knowing the facts, a record was made of both public and private cameras, where it is possible to visualize the moment in which the woman is approached and taken to a place where she would have been sexually abused to then steal his cell phone and wallet.

However, the detainee was only formalized for robbery with violence and intimidation, and for reception. This is because cards and identification cards of other victims were found on the detainee. “Our analysts and the IAPA are investigating to determine if the defendant assaulted the same victims, everything seems to indicate that this is so,” the Prosecutor said.

Explaining the prosecutor that there would still be pending skills to be able to formalize for the crime of sexual abuse.

In any case, the one identified as, LHGO, was formalized in the Rancagua Guarantee Court, remaining with the precautionary measure of preventive detention, giving an investigation period of 60 days.

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Pending expert reports did not allow the accused of sexual abuse to be formalized. – The Rancaguino