Peaking, the magic technique to have a more intense orgasm

SEXUALITY – Delaying the arrival of an orgasm, the idea may seem surprising. And yet, it would have proven its worth across the Atlantic. Theorized by several Anglo-Saxon sexologists, including the British Tracey Cox, this technique – known under the gentle name of peaking – would allow you to experience a more intense orgasm and increase the pleasure tenfold. A technique that works whether you are alone or accompanied.

Know yourself to peaker

First tip – but not the least – to try peaking: know your body. Because to postpone orgasm, it is still necessary to be able to identify its arrival. For this, Tracey Cox advises on his blog to transpose his pleasure on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being your best orgasm and 0 your last evening under the blanket to watch The people of Marseilles.

Second step: identify what Tracey Cox calls “the moment of no return”. This moment when orgasm is so close that even the unexpected – but traumatic – arrival of your mother-in-law in the bedroom cannot stop. Usually this is on your scale around 7.

“What is needed is to concentrate on the moment preceding this moment and the sensation that you then have just before this point of no return,” explains the sex therapist on her site. The goal? Block the rise in excitement at this precise moment and slowly lower it.

Learn to lower the temperature

The concept of peaking is to raise and then lower the excitement in the hope of increasing the power of your orgasm, then more expected than the victory of the Blues in 2018. Managing to lower the excitement is therefore essential to achieve this.

To do this, Tracey Cox advises “to stop touching yourself completely or to do it more gently and slowly until you regain control”. If there are two of you, the same fight: tell your partner to slow down to give you the opportunity to regain your senses and thus avoid reaching the famous point of no return.

Changing your position can be one way to do this. Stop the penetration to embark on new foreplay too. Or swap cunnilingus for fellatio. Again, it’s very personal. The main thing is then to calm your excitement to reach, on your scale, a small 5. Then go up again, go down, then go up again. An expectation that the intensity of your orgasm will reward.

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Peaking, the magic technique to have a more intense orgasm

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