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Anxiety, fear, uncertainty, low tolerance for frustration… When not being able to leave the house imprisons us. Why not ask for psychological help online?

Carrying out an online session with a psychology professional had been possible for some time; but with the alarm situation that was decreed on March 13, 2020, due to the COVID-19 health crisis, we have no choice but to get our act together if we do not want to be left behind in the face of this crisis and be able to come out stronger and with much more desire to build a better world.

In this situation of compulsory confinement that society lives due to the COVID-19 We need more than ever to find a way to feel at peace and in harmony with our thoughts. The situation of uncertainty that all of society is experiencing leads to increased anxiety and emotional problems that can destabilize us.

So that what we least want does not happen, which is to lose control over our emotions, I invite you to ask for help. Not all people experience this exceptional situation of a global pandemic equally. And it is a very new situation for all of humanity.

How does online psychological therapy work?

The BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT HERE tab appears in my contact profile and it will take you directly to my docplanner directory. There are two options: face-to-face consultation and online consultation. If you click on see availability, my work schedule will appear and you can reserve a session with me as if you were coming to my private practice. I try to put the same harmony and warmth that I have in my office, but obviously it is not the same.

  • You don’t have to move. You only need an internet connection or mobile device since from my platform you can use any: desktop computer, mobile or tablet.
  • It does not require any installation. You only need to click on this link and ready. The following steps are very easy and the platform will guide you.
  • When you have made the reservation, I will receive a notification. And I will wait for you on the agreed day and date to start. If all the data has been filled in previously, such as name, surname, ID and email, I will send you the data protection law file to return it to me signed. (I also speak in the plural for couples therapy)
  • Two days before the session, you will receive an SMS to confirm the appointment and it will send you to the secure payment method through the platform Stripe
  • Five minutes before starting, you will receive a link to connect to the session and voila!

What are the benefits of asking for psychological help online?

  • Offers privacy because you carry out the session in the environment that you want. In the face-to-face consultation you are in a space that you cannot control.
  • Is comfortable and offers greater coverage and access. You can connect from anywhere in the world.
  • Being online, it can offer a greater sense of anonymity, for not being present face to face.
  • The cost is minor. There is no displacement and the work is different. Other types of tools are used that as a psychologist I already have prepared to add to therapy or to work at home. Economically the session is €10 cheaper.
  • There are more opportunities for different schedules. Time flexibility is a highly demanded issue by patients.
  • And finally, sometimes being behind the screen produces a feeling of control of the situation, transmitting security and therefore greater trust to better express feelings or more honest emotional expression from the beginning.

So, and in conclusion, new technologies are helping us to bring people closer. We can take advantage of the health crisis due to the coronavirus to practice some things that are not our forte. In my case, my comfort zone is the face-to-face consultation.

It is helping many of us to practice our profession in a way that we had never imagined and after three weeks of confinement, my assessment is very positive.

We continue working as usual! But from home. Asking for psychological help online has been operational on my website for two weeks.

I wait for you in my virtual corner of harmony and calm. And help us in this extraordinary situation that we will never forget.

And how do you want to remember yourself in this situation when the years go by?

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Online Psychological Help – Nayara Mira | Sexologist in Valencia

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