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Manuela V. Carmona

Orizaba, Ver., May 02, 2022.- At the point of a municipal employee against the person in charge of the Civil Registry Rodolfo Torres for sexual harassmenthe was removed from his duties, informed the general secretary of the Union of Employees and Workers at the Service of the Municipality of Camerino Z Mendoza of the CROM, Silvia Poceros Ortega.

In an interview, he explained that the union employee with a reserved identity revealed that the Civil Registry officer made unseemly proposals, so the case took turns before the General Directorate of the Civil Registry where the head Carlos Córdova Vega decided to remove the official from the position.
He explained that the former head of the Civil Registry made a series of unseemly proposals to the employee, However, given the woman’s rejection, he wanted to fire her, requesting her change of dependency, a situation that alerted the union.

He explained that after investigating, they discovered that the worker was sexually harassed by her boss, so the case was reported to the General Directorate of the Civil Registry. “The incumbent Rodolfo Torres sent for us to call to say that he wanted his removal due to situations that he did not tell us, but his treatment of us bothered us and even more so when we saw the attitude he took when attacking the companion, that is not from an official , she suffered harassment, she has a family then more than anything to safeguard her integrity.
She regretted that this situation occurs in this place, since it is the first time that this type of case has occurred against the workers. “Fortunately, the State Government took the pertinent measures and in his place Felipe, who is the Regional Coordinator of the Civil Registry and works in Nogales, came on an interim basis, thanks to him there has been a good relationship so far.”

To conclude, he said that they are already legally advising the employee so that she can determine whether to proceed legally against the official because, due to the fear of reprisals and the accusations that affect her marriage, she has not yet decided whether to proceed before the Prosecutor’s Office.

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Official of the Civil Registry of Mendoza is separated from his position for sexual harassment – Plumas Libres