Of 25 complaints of bullying and harassment in León, only two have been addressed

complaints of harassment in León
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Of the 19 complaints of harassment in León that remain open, most took turns before the Investigation Directorate

Carolina Esqueda / Miguel Juarez
Lion.- Of the 25 complaints that the Municipal Comptroller’s Office has received for workplace harassment and harassment against public servants, two have been dismissed for lack of evidence and 19 remain open. Meanwhile, the rest only one reached a resolution, with a warning for the person involved.

The file corresponds to the Directorate of Public Works, with the PRA/23/2021 folder for irregularity in their functions, consisting of disrespecting another public servant. The resolution was reported to the Comptroller’s Commission within the activity report for March and April 2022.

The head of the Comptroller’s Office said that of the 19 complaints of harassment in León that remain open, most took turns before the Investigation Directorate. This is so that the corresponding conduct is qualified and it is determined if they incurred an administrative fault. Although no liability procedure has been initiated.

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Complaints of harassment in the León government
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Will not tolerate harassing officials

In addition to the investigations for workplace harassment, the Comptroller’s Office is investigating eight complaints of harassment in León, as well as sexual harassment. In addition to eight closed due to lack of accusatory elements.

Moreno Márquez stressed that, although he is instructed to act as quickly as possible in this type of complaint, to send the message that officials who harass or mistreat their subordinates will not be tolerated in the public administration. All are subject to the times in which they manage to obtain the tests.

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“These issues, considering the support that the mayor has generated since the slogan is not to allow this type of act. They are the ones we give them the most speed. But in these cases our ideal proof is the testimonies of public servants. Many times these behaviors are hidden and exhaustive investigations must be carried out to determine a possible fault, ”she pointed out.

They study cases of violence and harassment

complaints of harassment in León
Photo: Miguel Marquez

Activists, academics and artists have exposed research and evidenced complex cases of harassment, sexual and symbolic violence from different environments.

History, artistic expression, the defense of children, community work and many other manifestations have revealed advances in the defense of human rights from and for women. However, it is clear that there are still many pending issues, especially at the governmental/institutional level.

Human rights organizations such as NIMA and the Victoria Diez Center shared some of the results of their work and research.

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It highlights, on the one hand, the lack of strong legislation that addresses structural problems and only the organic sections of local institutions. On the other, effects that after the pandemic have worsened in countless spaces for women.

NIMA denounces shortcomings in the Law

complaints of harassment in León
Photo: Miguel Marquez

For example, NIMA a few days ago had denounced that the law in Guanajuato on the rights of children and adolescents suffered from enormous shortcomings that required at least approval to the general law. During this day they shared that they are reviewing at least 10 identified proposals that are in the State Congress.

However, they observe that much remains in the operational part of the institutions. Given this, they will seek to participate in work groups and promote a “Law of 10 for children.”

Victoria Diez Center studies public spaces

public debt in León2
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For his part, the Victory Ten Center He announced that he has worked on a diagnosis with more than 30 women and young people to identify violence in public spaces and their survival practices, particularly those who live in the area of ​​’Los Castillos’.

The limited mobility stands out, as well as the access to public spaces due to the defenseless state they live in.

Institutional violence due to the conditions and insensitive proposals due to the pandemic, which evidenced an overload of work on women, not only for economic support, but also emotionally for family and community.

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Another central concern is violence on public transport. Not only is the mobility of women, especially in ‘Los Castillos’, subject to public transport times and the reduction of units that has placed them at greater risk, but it is also one of the places where they report more gender violence ( mainly physical and verbal bullying).

In the coming months, Ana Leticia Hernández indicated, they will announce the results of this diagnosis in detail.

Conference of Women in the Social Sciences advances

complaints of harassment in León
Photo: Miguel Marquez

this first Conference ‘Women in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Other Spaces’ They highlight that solidarity, harmony and diversity are the elements that keep standing and promote great changes.

For example, the talks by the political scientist María Belem Riquelme, the sociologist Jessica Nohemi Alvares Paz, the social psychologist Yessica Cienfuegos and the social worker Rebeca Aguayo showed, from different angles, processes of accompanying violence against women. Also of defense of human rights and the way in which many have worked to provide better scenarios to others.

Despite all this, some discomfort is perceived in the university space.

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They denounce ‘veto’ of conferences

Although the University of Guanajuato provided spaces in its facilities, it has been evident that there were no facilities for all the students to attend many of the events.

Some attendees expressed that, despite the fact that teachers did not authorize or allow students to attend, for them these were very valuable opportunities for meeting, recognition and knowledge. In addition, the institution did not broadcast the event on its official or internal channels.

After two days of a journey carried out with much heart and effort, the members of the AES Collective only expect the participation of the seeking mothers and their experiences to conclude with this first edition.


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Of 25 complaints of bullying and harassment in León, only two have been addressed