News from our digital Tool Sheets

We have had a lot of positive feedback following the launch of our digital tool-sheets around female sexuality and it really warms our hearts!

“The diagrams are an added value. These sheets are useful as teaching tools.

Dr Pierre Bondil, uro-onco-sexologist, President of the Post-University Interdisciplinary Association of Sexology (AIUS)

News from our digital Tool Sheets

“Very relevant sheets, well done, simple and educational: excellent tool for consultation”

Dr André Corman, sexologist and andrologist, director of sexology teaching at the Toulouse III Faculty of Medicine

1642765386 567 News from our digital Tool Sheets

“Brief sheets that get to the point. The graphics are clear and helpful. I think I can use some of it in my practice”

André Letzel, Sexologist Marriage and family counselor

News from our digital male tool sheets

“Clear illustrations, practical and easily accessible information, ergonomic site. »​

Dr Françoise Jastrowicz, General practitioner

News from our digital male tool sheets

“Lots of diagrams that can be easily used during consultations, practical 3D vision on certain chapters.
Clear and simple explanations, easy to follow for patients. »

Véronique Dugras, Midwife​

News from our digital male tool sheets

“Great tool for all healthcare professionals! All female sexual disorders at a glance ;)”

Matthieu Tison, Sexologist

We have been attentive to all your comments, and one of the most frequent requests was to be able to use the tool sheets without going through a computer or a tablet.

This is why we now offer a printable pdf version in A4 format of our tool sheets!

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Here are some testimonials from caregivers who use our tool sheets:

If you haven’t bought them yet, go quickly to this address:

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Limited time special discount!

To celebrate the launch of the printable version of our Digital Tool Sheets on female sexuality, we are offering you until August 11, 2021 at midnight a exceptional reduction of -30%, that is 47.00€ instead of 67.00€ using the following promo code (to be entered at checkout):

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100% money back guarantee

No need to fear: if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days to be reimbursed on simple request by email.

Stay informed about sexual health

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News from our digital Tool Sheets

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