News from our digital male tool sheets

We have had a lot of positive feedback following the launch of our digital tool sheets around male sexuality and it really warms our hearts!

“The pre-filled prescription is an invaluable educational aid. It is also very clear. “

Arlette Sulpice-Vainqueur, counselor in sexual and emotional life – sexologist


“Positive points of these sheets: illustrations and a summary of the important points. “

Lucie Prum, Midwife Sexologist


“These are very practical but also very educational files. “

Jean-Luc Robert, Specialist in dermatology and venology


“Varied themes, quality drawings, informative texts, thank you for this great work! “

Céline Hatlas, Future sex therapist


“The files and the animations are very good, I am reviewing my exam with! Very clear, pretty. “

Barbara Cochet, Psychologist Psychotherapist


“Positive point of these sheets: Effort to simplify, use color wisely and above all on the fact that finally they exist, which makes them valuable consultation tools for caregivers and understanding for patients “

Dr René Benhaim, Sex therapist

Here are the latest updates to our digital tool sheets:

  1. The file on drug treatments for erectile dysfunction is now complete:
  2. The printable version of the tool sheets is now available:
  3. We have set up a partnership with BIVEA Médical France to offer caregivers a dilator kit to show their patients, in real life, how dilators look and work:

Drug treatments for erectile dysfunction

There are two types of molecules for the management of erectile dysfunction: phosphodiesterase type 5 (IPDE-5) and prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) inhibitors.

Most patients, when prescribed for the first time on IPDE-5 (Viagra® etc) have no idea how these drugs work. For example, they will think that the simple fact of swallowing it will cause an erection, without necessarily needing desire or arousal, and this lack of information is a frequent cause of treatment failure.

Our files include hyper simplified diagrams which will allow the patient to become aware of the mode of focnitonnement of the different molecules: the IPDE-5 will prevent the erection from falling too quickly but require stimulation, while the PGE1 act directly at the level of the erectile body.

To access information, go to sex therapist tools > Male files > Drug treatments for ED

printable version

We were attentive to all your comments, and one of the most frequent requests was to be able to use the tool sheets without going through a computer or a tablet.

This is why we are now offering a printable pdf version in A4 format of our tool sheets!

The printable version includes sheets for caregivers, diagrams to show the patient and patient sheets to give him at the end of the consultation with exercises

Partnership with BIVEA Médical France

Using dilators is an important step in treating vaginismus, and we’ve found that showing patients what these dilators look like in real life helps them take action.

Thanks to our partnership with BIVEA Medical, you can receive a free demonstration binder containing 5 Vagiwell dilators, which you can show to your patients in order to demystify their use.

Vagiwell Demo Workbook

To receive this Kit, all you have to do is go to your digital tool sheets ” Management of female sexual dysfunctions » > « Vaginisme » > ⭐️ Bonus: Get a demo dilator kit, and complete the form. This demonstration kit is reserved for caregivers, for educational purposes only.

NB: Thanks to our partnership with Bivea, your patients can benefit from a 10% reduction on the purchase of Vagiwell dilators by using the promo code X57QA10 on the site

If this partnership is successful, we will try to create others of the same kind in order to give you the possibility of benefiting from other demonstration products like the Medintim® vacuum where the contraceptive diaphragm CAYA®

(Partnership reserved for the moment to caregivers working in France only)

Stay informed about sexual health

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News from our digital male tool sheets

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