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These are the two sexologists behind everything you see on our Social Network. Alma is already an expert sexologist on the AMALTEA team, and Marta has arrived with all the impetus of the youth update.

A perfect tandem, which is the ideal link between experience and technology; but above all, it allows us to disseminate and make applied sexology a useful resource for Our youth (And not so much!), Without leaving their usual ways and means of communication.

Wherever you are and how you are, from our INSTAGRAM, we will try to be with you and take you pills of our sexology: rigorously, but with humor, so that you can enjoy them regularly.

Alma Gimeno, sexologist of the AMALTEA team for 10 years. She always wanted to be a sexologist; it is of “vocation”. He has a great direct experience in Affective-Sexual education with students, families and teachers. And her professionalism does not stop here: she does a clinic, is constantly updated, and for her being “up to date” is not a choice… He can’t help it!

Marta J. Camuñas, also a sexologist on the AMALTEA team, has been for 2 years. She says she comes to sexology with a passion; but we add to their momentum, an exceptional training for the research and a real knowledge of the new modes of youth communication. She does not need to update, because she is young, and for a while that is not going to happen to her!

Tell us, where did the idea come from?

We live in the era of social networks, it is a reality, and although AMALTEA is already present on the internet with the web and Facebook, we missed something more “fresh”, and above all something that would reach our young people more directly.

In our sex ed sessions we hear many times, “I have read this in ig“; and many asked us for our profile to be able to follow us. So we saw it clearly, we needed to be part of it!

If one of our maxims is always to adapt to current needs, this was an inevitable step.

What do you propose with IG?

What moves us the most is being able to be accessible. We want our young (and not so young) to have a space on IG where they can find quality content, and above all someone to whom they can turn directly and immediately. Without a doubt, that they count on us, it is our maximum objective.

We have proposed to bring sexology closer to all people who, beyond their training or profession, want to know more and better your sexuality and live it in a more comprehensive and positive way.

How are you structuring it?

After giving it a lot of thought, we saw that the most interesting thing is to regularly publish different themes, exposed from different points of view. For it, every week we are trying to get closer a theme, providing curious data, linking with material of more substance for those who want to go deeper, and reflecting. We would love for our followers to (re) think with us all those issues that have to do with women, with men. That is, with the sexes.

It is also true that, just as a couple is a dynamic system, we also propose a flexible profile, and depending on the impact that our publications have, we will adapt; always respecting the essence of AMALTEA, that is, transmitting scientific rigor, and adapted to current reality, keeping in mind the interests and concerns of our followers.

What’s so special about it?

It is a project that we are very excited about, and we want our GI to reflect our passion and enthusiasm for sexology. We are clear that one of our strengths is the great access we have to both young people and adults, who show us what their doubts are, what they want to know, giving us many clues about what kind of content to publish. And, of course, we will listen to them.

Every year we are with more than 13,000 students and female students, from primary to higher cycles; as well as families and teachers, who transmit to us how the idea and experience of sexuality is evolving. Just as our sex education programs have changed thanks to the demand from our users, IG has to follow the same line. Therefore, our content is a reflection of the reality of our day to day.

And to finish, could you tell us something new?

Sure! … our heads are constantly boiling and we have many ideas, but the one that has already taken a more defined shape and that you will be able to enjoy right away is that we started with IG TV. So stay tuned, because we get in front of the camera and we want to know what you think.

In addition, during the course we want you to gain prominence and we will ask for your collaboration and participation: We hope you will join us!

Alma GIMENO and Marta J. CAMUÑAS.

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New projects, new illusions. WELCOME IG! | Amalthea Blog

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