Netflix’s Marvel series already have an arrival date on Disney +

It’s been more than two years since Netflix ended the series starring Marvel characters that it had developed up to that point, some quite successfully: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, luke cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher… And the ‘cutrocosoover’ of The Defenders, let us not forget. Why he made it obvious: Disney was jumping on the VOD bandwagon with Disney+ and the rights to the characters were expiring.

However, it took a year for Marvel Studios and, therefore, Disney, to recover their characters, sowing doubts about what would happen to them: would you take them back as is? Would they leave them in oblivion while they elevate and exploit others? If they recovered them, would it be based on those already made by Netflix, or completely renewing the formula, given the more adult tone of these compared to the garbage for all audiences that they usually do in Dianey / Marvel?

Doubts were legitimatebecause despite the many defects of the Marvel series produced by Netflix, there were a few conditioning factors: the tone mentioned, a casting that fit like a glove as far as the leading actors are concerned, a good critical reception and public, at least initially… And some very different characters, better known to the general public, such as Daredevil or The Punisher, just the opposite, see Jessica Jones or Luke Cage… or, to a lesser extent, that bad copy of Batman and Green Arrow who is Iron Fist.

At that time all kinds of rumors were given, including some that have turned out to be true and others of an unexpected nature. For example… (attention, slight spoilers if you have seen the Marvel series on Netflix, but not the latest from Marvel Studios for theaters and Disney+)… the appearance of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Way Homeor that of Vincent D’Onofrio in the series of Hawk Eye.

These two examples do not mean anything with respect to the reincorporation of the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM), which after all is the pillar of all the superhero production of the house, be it for cinema or in the form of a series. as video on demand. However, it was an endorsement, a sign of respect if you prefer, to the previous work. A work that, as I say, has its flaws, but also its successes, among which are the choice of these actors.

The point is that since it was learned that Netflix had finished producing Marvel series, until it was learned that Marvel was recovering the rights to its characters, until it was announced that Netflix was withdrawing the aforementioned series from its catalogs -which happened at the beginning of this year, in mid-February – it only remained to be known when Disney + would add those series to its catalog, and there is already an answer for it. Will be next June 29 when all the Marvel series made by Netflix, definitively land on Disney.

Which raises more questions: Will Disney respect that adult tone, with more or less explicit violence and even with sexual scenes one of those that would make the average manager of the company blush? Here I would venture to say yes, unless you are willing to be stalked by the criticism of the angry masses. What they will also do is limit access by age to these productions, so it does not seem likely that they will join the UCM section (although there were subtle references that alluded to it).

The million dollar question, however, is whether they will continue to have not only the actors who brought the characters to life, but whether they will expand that part of the Marvel Universe -it continues to be so- with the same series, the same tone, etc. They all suffered from excess padding, but with a good background; and I’m sure there are many fans of Marvel superheroes who would be delighted to see it. Another thing is that Disney / Marvel dares to do it, which does not seem so likely either.

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Netflix’s Marvel series already have an arrival date on Disney +