Nayara Malnero: “as there is no education at home, the values ​​related to sexuality and couples learn them on the street or on the Internet” – Club de MALASMADRES

Nayara Malnero is a psychologist, clinical sexologist, couples therapist, and sex coach. The creator of Sexperimentando visits our blog today to talk about sexual education and give us advice on how to talk with our good children and goodashijas in this regard. In addition, Nayara will be one of the speakers of the tenth edition of ‘Managing Children’ held on March 30 in Barcelona. Today we learn with Nayara and we give you 5 double tickets for the event, participate below with your comment.

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There is a lot of talk about the current misinformation of boys and girls in matters of sexual education, why is it?

We believe we have a lot of information but, precisely because of this excess, the phenomenon of misinformation appears. On the Internet, anyone can upload content and we all have a hard time finding a truthful answer to our doubts. More is not better.

How do we families fail when it comes to educating our sons and daughters? What can we do about it?
We families try to avoid the issue of sex education. It makes us feel uncomfortable and we don’t know how to do it, our parents didn’t teach us either!
How should the school educate?
School is the other problem since, one of the excuses of families for not doing sex education is that “they will teach it to them at school.” Sex education in Spain is practically non-existent because, as it is considered a transversal content, it is the task of all teachers and, in the end, no one takes care of this.
What problems can it cause that good children have pornography as a learning pattern?
It is the same as if our driver education were inspired by the 007 movies … nothing is real!
What challenges does this new generation pose for us and how can we improve communication with them on this issue?
Not many more really than decades ago. The new challenge is new technologies, immediate interaction and over-information. As for the doubts, they remain the same.
Is sex still taboo in homeschooling?
Completely. Otherwise, this topic would not concern us so much … Since there is no home schooling, the values ​​related to sexuality and couples learn them on the street or on the Internet. The adults within the family do not act as true models in this sense … with what they take from another side.

And now a quick quiz …

  • Never tell your daughter or son that … “These issues are not discussed” or “that is not touched.” Fathers and mothers, we are experts in generating taboo … we can avoid it!
  • If a topic is difficult for you to expose … acknowledge it. Nothing happens, shame is one more emotion and the greatest emotional educators are parents.
  • If you discover your good son or daughter watching porn … Calm! Can I leave you a tutorial?
  • To build trust with good children … sincerity is the most important and, of course, maintaining a good disposition. When the topic comes up, for whatever reason, it’s important to be open and interested in their learning.
  • How old is it to start discussing this issue with good children? Since they are born! Sex education is much more than talking about sexual relationships, it is knowing how to accept and love each other as we are as men and women, also knowing how to relate in a healthy and respectful way… there is no minimum age for that.

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Nayara Malnero: “as there is no education at home, the values ​​related to sexuality and couples learn them on the street or on the Internet” – Club de MALASMADRES

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