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Maca, bois bandé, ginger, garlic, seafood, caviar, asparagus, chili, cayenne pepper, garlic, truffle, mustard, cloves, cocoa, saffron, etc, etc….

After three short minutes From Google research, I learned that all of these foods had aphrodisiac properties. That they were increasing libido.

Three minutes of research. I imagine if I had continued I would have had the joy of learning that virtually every food that exists is there to pull the curtain back on us.

Suddenly, I hesitate myself to launch myself on the market: “Boost your sexual desire with old-fashioned blanquette of veal!” “. I’m sure to be a hit 😉

The highly profitable market for natural aphrodisiacs

This is for articles that expose the virtues of different plants and seeds on sexual desire.

But in the search results there is also an incalculable name of pubs to sell you these same products in pill, powder, herbal tea, patch or dehydrated.

And who says many advertisements says juicy market.

Indeed many people suffer from not having enough libido. Because it can play on the cohesion of the couple. In addition it is also a injury to oneself : we can feel useless and helpless in the face of this problem.

It is besides my main consultation request for women.

And when we suffer we are ready to spend a lot of money to stop suffering.

The sellers of perlimpine powder have understood this well. They offer you an effortless solution to your problem: a pill of desire.

Obviously the promise is enticing, it is easy to be tempted.

So I don’t worry about these dream sellers, the money has to flow into their accounts regularly.

The problem is that all of this it’s wind… Let’s see why.

Why the aphrodisiac myth doesn’t work

It is true that we are entitled to say to ourselves “Well, finally, why not?” “.

A pill that would wake up our sexual desire, our motivation to make love, it doesn’t sound worse than‘a blue pill to have a good erection.

Except that it has nothing to do.

Viagra-type pills work on the body, mechanically if you prefer. They do not act on the sexual behavior.

They will dilate the blood vessels inside the penis to make it swell. But libido, the desire to have sex is not limited to this supply of blood in the sexual organs of men or women elsewhere.

Our ability to want to have sex is entirely due to our sexual learning. That is, to our intimate history with sex.

In other words, our sexuality is the exact sum of our past sexual experiences.

And this learning takes time. Like all learning elsewhere.

If you are interested, know that this phenomenon of “unnatural but fully learned sexuality” was discovered in the 1950s by Harry Harlow in the USA. I tell you about this amazing experience in a podcast, you can listen to it by clicking here.

But the problem is that a pill will never teach you anything.

Boosting your libido with an aphrodisiac is like promising yourself to learn the piano by swallowing a magic pill.

It doesn’t work and I think I am not too mistaken that it will probably never work.

To further support my point I can tell you that if a pill of desire existed, you would already know.

Why ? Because look at the example of erection products. It started with the discovery of papaverine.

This product directly injected into the penis gives an almost immediate erection.

At the time the economic stakes were so important that the person who discovered papaverine injected the product. in front of hundreds of people during a conference. To show the effects in having a live erection.

By doing this he made sure that no one could take away the authorship of his discovery. [1].

Second example with the discovery of Viagra in the 90s. At the time, the news had the effect of‘a real bomb.

With the additional communication from Pfizer (the lab that discovered Viagra) it was impossible to miss the information.

Moreover, the slightest news of an advance of the desire pill is easily front page of scientific journals. Without proof or concrete results each time… obviously .. [2]

So yes, if a product created sexual desire, you would already know about it.

Solutions to increase libido

In a completely logical way, as sexuality and therefore his appetite to practice it are learning, you can significantly increase your libido while learning !

And like all learning, like the piano that I mentioned before, it is always done in the same way:

You must first have a good understanding from subject. In this case here of how sexuality works.

For me, this is the first step that I put in place during my consultations. I explain by breaking down the taboos the real mechanisms of the libido.

I invite you to check your beliefs about sex by clicking here. Indeed, I have listed the 30 erroneous thoughts that I hear most often from my patients.

In the second phase of learning comes training. And yes ! Once you understand how everything works, your brain needs to integrate it with regular exercises.

Those who suppress their desire are those whose desire is weak enough to be suppressed.

William blake

There is no miracle here. I give you the solutions to build your libido but the essential ingredient is your motivation.

However, don’t worry! It is a thousand times easier to build strong sexual desire than to learn to play the piano. It really is within everyone’s reach and I have also excellent results in my practice with this method.

In addition, the exercises are gradual and therefore gradually increase in difficulty.

You can get a free guide to female libido by clicking here. So you will find there all the explanations on the functioning of the sexual desire of the woman as well as the exercises to develop your libido.

To increase your libido, exercise!

So the best way to develop your libido is to train the right way. And you can start from today !

No miracle plant on the horizon, no pill of desire and honestly I think it’s not tomorrow the day before …

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[1] Article from World of November 2013.

[2] Article from Huffington Post August 2015.

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Natural aphrodisiacs: why this very profitable myth does not work – Le Blog Sexologue

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